Conversations with the Boys

Taking a little detour today and rather than sharing about the journey I’ve been going through lately I want to share a little bit about my boys.  If you have not already read it – my Cast of Characters post will get you up to speed on the names I’ve given the boys for this blog and the reasons why. These boys make me want to bang my head against a wall and pull out the sparkles that they’ve put in my hair, however they are also a never ending stream of joy and laughter in my life.

I grew up in a family with just my little brother and me.  (A little brother who has always been bigger than me!)  When we were very young people thought we were twins and then later as we got older people would sometimes mistake him for being my boyfriend. He thought this was hilarious and would always play it up by throwing his arm around my shoulders, pulling in towards him and giving me a big ole kiss on the cheek. Continue reading “Conversations with the Boys”


Near Death Experiences – Why Wait to Live Your Life?

Some friends and I were having a conversation about a month ago regarding making changes in our lives.  One friend brought up how we all know someone who has had a near death experience which has changed their priorities and caused them to step out and take risks they would not have previously.

The details are different in each case – one may have been in a near fatal car accident and now has decided to take up ballroom dancing finally.  Another may have recently battled cancer and be in remission and has decided to quit their job and travel the world.  The near death experience is different in each case and the lifestyle changes that result are varied.  However, in the end these are people who have almost lost it all and as a result have decided to stop putting off their dreams until tomorrow (which by the way, NEVER comes!) and to pursue them today! Continue reading “Near Death Experiences – Why Wait to Live Your Life?”

False Security of Being in Control

I have a confession – I am a bit of a control freak.  Okay, some who know me may argue that it is more than a bit.  However, being in control gives me a sense of security.  It is a safety net in a big scary uncertain world.  Or so I’ve always thought.

I finished up the Brené Brown book I’ve been reading (Gifts of Imperfection) last night.  She mentions being in control is “about the need to manage perception.  We want to be able to control what other people think about us so that we can feel good enough.”

I knew I had a bit of an issue with control and I thought I knew the reasons behind it.  However, this is another aspect I had not considered before.  I realized Brown hit it right on the nail as I read these final chapters. Continue reading “False Security of Being in Control”

Rest Areas & Fruit Loops

(A My Life Stories Installment – featuring the Drama Queen)

The Girl and I are planning a trip at the end of this month during her Spring Break.  We will be taking a road trip from Northern California up to Washington State.  The purpose is to visit family and to visit some college campuses along the way.

As we look forward to this trip I can’t help but think back on the many times I’ve made this road trip in the past.  Both my husband and I grew up in Washington and have a lot of family still there who we would try to visit every summer when the kids were younger.  Most times it was only me and the three children making the trip.  My husband usually had projects around the house which he would focus on while I was gone.  That was always a bonus for me as I got to come home to something new in my house after each trip. Continue reading “Rest Areas & Fruit Loops”

My Life Stories: Cast of Characters

One thing I struggle with (and I’m sure many others do as well) is trying to be a perfect mom, or even a good one at times.  My therapist told me something awhile back that really makes perfect sense, but at the time I felt like she had slapped me in the face.  She looked at me and told me that nobody is perfect and no matter how hard I tried, my children would grow up and have complaints about how I raised them.  They very well may sit in a therapist’s office one day working through issues that were caused by things I said or did while raising them.

Wow!  Talk about a wake up call!  And she is right – it probably will happen.  And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  I will do all I can to be the best mother I can possibly be – but I am not perfect and I will mess up.  And that will result in me messing up my kids.  All I can do is pray it does not cost them too much to work through it in the end. Continue reading “My Life Stories: Cast of Characters”

Meaningful Work & Gremlins

“Yes, you do that well, but that’s not really a gift.  It’s not big enough or important enough to be a real talent.”

~ Brené Brown regarding taunts the self-doubt gremlins throw at us.  (The Gifts of Imperfection)

This taunt is something I’ve bought into over the years and it kept me from pursuing my  writing (and other things in my life as well, but I’ll focus on the writing today).  It kept me beat down and not feeling fulfilled and purposeful.  It kept me from doing something I really love to do because I felt it was not important enough, good enough or worthy. Continue reading “Meaningful Work & Gremlins”

My Recommendation: Courage Over Comfort – Leadership

I’ve decided to start a new category on my blog – My Recommendation.  Today I received an email regarding a new post from one of my favorite authors – Brené Brown.  If you follow my blog much you will have seen her name as I’ve referenced her work a few times during my journey.

Today’s post is called Courage Over Comfort: Rumbling with Shame, Accountability and Failure at Work.  This spoke to me in so many ways.  One it deals with some things that I’ve been struggling with during my journey – Shame and Failure, Courage and stepping outside of my Comfort Zone.  Second, I am stepping into more of a leadership role at work and after reading this post all I could think is, “This is the kind of leader I want to be!”

So I’ll leave you with just that – a short post so you can spend your time reading Brené’s post.  It is a bit long (they actually have an estimate at the top saying it is a 9 minute read!) – but it is so worth it.  I would love to hear what you think of it.