Someone recently was talking with me about how their memories were more like snapshots in an album than an old movie. Rather than being a continuous flow of events, they were more like single moments captured within a hazy fog of her life. Looking back was surreal and they almost felt disconnected from those memories. Like they were not really in them, but were on the outside looking in. The below was something I wrote up based on that discussion and some other discussions with other friends. This is a descriptive work of fiction, based in reality.

(Note: I like to write random little things like this – so hopefully you enjoy them too. These are kind of like little snapshots of my brain)

It was not the first snapshot in the album of her childhood – in fact it was not even really from her childhood. She was forty five at the time. But in many ways she was still a child. It was as if she was never able to fully emotionally evolve like most children so there was a part of her still stuck in adolescence. A part of her who never truly rebelled or tested her boundaries. A part of her who never became independent from her mother and the judgments and emotional entanglements that came with that relationship.

So here she was at forty five, the year she thought was going to be amazing! She had finally decided to stop worrying about getting older and instead start looking forward to her future with excitement and anticipation. And in some ways it was great, at least in the long term. Just not in the ways she had imagined. But then, that is life – it happens to us as we make other plans.

At forty five she was finally emerging from her emotional coma which she had been stuck in for so many years. One that she had never really even realized she was in. She was finally opening her eyes and beginning to see the real world come into focus. She was starting to see the emotional chains that had been stunting her for so long.

And all it took was the decline and death of her father.


Story Idea One

Something happened recently – not to me personally, but it was something in the news that was very distantly connected to me.  From that I wrote the beginning of a story idea with one change – I changed the main character from a man to a woman.  Now to decide what happens next.  Do I follow along closely with the “real” story or take it down a new path all it’s own?

She thought she had gotten away with it.  Was so convinced that she had put it all behind her.  So far behind that it was all a hazy memory, more like the remnants of a dream that linger after you’ve been awake for awhile and cleared the sleep from your eyes.

At least that was until the day they showed up at her office and she felt the cold hard steel of shackles at her wrists.  At that moment the memories became the cold hard reality.  At that moment her life changed dramatically, just like it had that cold October day fifteen years before. . .

Untitled Story – Part 2 (Rich & Lucy)

If you are just coming across this – you can read the first two installments of this story at these links:

Untitled Story – Prologue

Untitled Story – Part 1 (Lucy)

Rich stands by the side of the car soaking in the warm sunlight.  This is his favorite part of his day, picking her up after school.  Today as he waits to see her blonde pigtails bouncing through the throng of children stampeding down the steps, he lets himself feel hope.  Hope for a bright future where fate would finally deal him a good hand to make up for all that had been his past few years.  Continue reading “Untitled Story – Part 2 (Rich & Lucy)”

The Glass Ball (Writing Prompt)

This short story was inspired by The Haunted Wordsmith’s daily prompt.  I’ve chosen to use all the prompts for this story – the picture and the words:  Cloud, Fluff and Whipped Cream.  Enjoy!


Monica thanked the waitress as she set the cup of steaming coffee topped with whipped cream on the table in front of her.  This was Monica’s favorite place to come, a little coffee shop tucked away within an old brick building, across from the town’s park.  She made a point to spend a few hours each week meandering through the park and always ended up coming in to enjoy their delicious brew on the patio before heading home and back to reality.  It was her time to recharge and regroup.

Today’s plans had not originally included a visit, however her fiance, Scott, had called to cancel their lunch plans.  Some last minute changes to a project he was working on with the mayor necessitated a working lunch for him today.  So Monica decided to take advantage of some unexpected free time. Continue reading “The Glass Ball (Writing Prompt)”

Untitled Story – Part 1 (Lucy)

I’ve still not come up with a name for this story – I will try to get one figured out soon.  I have a basic outline of where this is going but it could change along the way.  Stories tend to have a mind of their own at times and I think this one is definitely going to be like that.  If you missed it, I recommend going back and reading the Prologue HERE.

“How’s my angel?”

Lucy rolls her eyes as she swings her bag over her shoulder. She is almost six now and too big to be Daddy’s angel anymore.  Or at least that is what she claims.  Secretly she loves that her dad gives her so much attention. The other girls in her class rarely have their dads pick them up.  Lucy’s dad always picks her up from school and always greets her with names like angel or princess or even silly things like, “How’s my pony wony doing today?” Continue reading “Untitled Story – Part 1 (Lucy)”

False Guilt

Funny how things all of a sudden one day become more clear to us.   Although they still may not be clear enough for us to fully see the big picture.  Or maybe they are that clear, but we still can’t totally change the picture to be what we know it should be.

Excuse me, I’m rambling.  My point of this is that it has recently become clear to me that I live with a lot of false guilt.  To the point where I often have a hard time working through to figure out what is legitimate guilt and what is false guilt.

What do I mean by false guilt you may ask? (Some of you know EXACTLY what I am talking about though.)  I tend to take on feelings of guilt any time I do or say something that may make someone else feel bad, may hurt their feelings or may inconvenience them.

It is really unhealthy.  In addition to adding a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety to my life, it also causes me to take on too much and to burn myself out because I don’t say No.  I burn out physically, mentally and emotionally. Continue reading “False Guilt”

Untitled Story – Prologue

She heard the key in the front door and realized she had lost track of time again. How long had she been sitting there in the dark? Minutes, hours? She had no idea. It had been long enough for her legs to start to fall asleep though.

As she listened to him move around downstairs she slowly started to uncurl her legs. She had gotten really good at sitting cross legged and completely still in the last few months. She had learned how to go deep inside herself and shut out the rest of the world. It was a matter of survival. It was the one place nobody could get to her and hurt her.

Continue reading “Untitled Story – Prologue”