Big Trucks, Bearded Men, Snow and Getting Stuck.

One thing I’ve started doing lately is getting back to my roots. Enjoying the simple things I loved doing when I was younger. Things I’ve for some reason dropped from my life over the years as responsibilities and being an adult have taken over my life.

Today I indulged in some of these things again. My children are at an age now where they don’t need us as much and we are finding more time to go out and enjoy things as a couple again. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and some of our first dates included fishing for sturgeon on the Columbia River (now that is a story for another time!), going out to play in the mud or snow and going shooting. Today we hooked up with another couple and decided to head out in search of some snow.

It is amazing how free and revitalized I begin to feel when I am out in nature and allow myself to just be me and enjoy things I’ve always enjoyed. Set aside the professional career woman, set aside the busy mom and just become a carefree woman out enjoying the simple things in life with the man I love.

We even got to experience again the joys of getting some exercise and practicing our problem solving skills when despite the 4 wheel drive the snow proved to get the better of us. Three times! (For those of you versed in the Chevy vs Ford battle, it was not our Chevy that got stuck. It was the Ford the other couple was in – haha) All in all it was an awesome day and I’m looking forward to another like it soon.

So here’s to going back to your roots, enjoying the things from your youth. Here’s to big trucks, bearded men, lots of snow and getting stuck!


3 thoughts on “Big Trucks, Bearded Men, Snow and Getting Stuck.

    1. We love the mud too! When we were dating in High School we did not get much snow where we were at so it was usually mud we were getting stuck in. Where we are now it is harder to find mud. Either you have dry dirt or go a little North and you may find snow! I miss the mud!


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