My First Blogger Award – Yeah ME!

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I am beyond EXCITED right now!!  This morning I started my day thinking “Yeah it is Friday – but it is Quarter End.”  Which means lots of work ahead of me and probably some checking in that will need to be done over the weekend to make sure there are no fires to be put out.

(To be clear – I’m not talking literal fires – this is just a term we use in the accounting world regarding things needing our immediate attention during the close process.  I did not realize this was not a universally known expression until I used the it one day with my husband and a couple friends and they seriously thought there was an actual fire that I had to put out at the office!)

Then as I was doing some reviews and sending out some follow up emails I received a notification regarding a comment on one of my blog posts.  When I had a moment to take a peek at it, I let out a squeal – good thing I work from home now because the only “co-workers” who I scared were the cat and dog.  A fellow blogger had nominated me for an award!  My very first award!!  And after less than a month of blogging!!

Note to a certain important someone in my life who will TOTALLY know this is for them:  I know! I know!  I said this blog is all about ME and I don’t care what others think or if they choose to or not to read it.  But let’s be honest – I’m never going to truly achieve that level of indifference with my writing.  BUT I still stick to the commitment that this blog will be about Me and My Journey.  I do want it to be helpful to others, but I won’t change it to force that to happen.  And I do like awards!!!

So I want to give a HUGE virtual hug and thank you to Em from Earthly Brain for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Her blog is fairly new as well and definitely worth your time to go check out.  All the artwork and photographs are her own work.  I’m still exploring her blog myself and am loving all that I am finding thus far.

So…the rules for this award – if you know me personally at all, you know how I like rules, and checklists and to do lists and just any ole list – but I digress.  The rules are simple:

  • I thank the person who nominated me:  Check
  • I share 7 things about me – one of the purposes of this award is to get to know one another better.  See my 7 facts below:  Check √√
  • Nominate bloggers who you’ve been following or have recently discovered who you believe deserve some recognition.  Another purpose of this award is to promote networking among bloggers.  My nominees are below:  Check √√√

7 Facts about Me:

  1. I like the rain.  I grew up in Western Washington where everything is green and soggy.  I’ve since lived in Arizona and Northern California which both have so many days of sunshine I don’t know what to do with them!  But I find if it goes too long without raining – I get a tad bit depressed.  I love to just sit at home all cozy with a good book and cup of coffee while it is raining.  And I don’t mind being out in the rain either.  It is refreshing!
  2. I don’t like the heat.  Really hot weather just drains me.  My hubby is the opposite – he loves the heat.  But he has figured out that it is my nemesis.  We go to the California State Fair every year with the kids and he has learned to read my face and tell the kids, “Time to go find Mommy some shade and some water!”
  3. I don’t have a hero.  You know how people always ask, “who is your hero, who do you look up to?”  This question makes me panic because I don’t have an answer.  I can tell you things that I admire in people, but I don’t have a hero.  And that makes me sometimes feel like there is something defective about myself.  How can I NOT have a hero?
  4. I am analytical and artistic.  This is another area where sometimes I think I’m just weird.  It seems like society puts everyone buckets and you can’t be analytical and artistic at the same time.  People who know my work ethic and the type of things I do at work are always surprised when they find out I love to write (and I’m not horrible at it) and that I am actually pretty decent at drawing too.  As I share more though I am finding others like me.  Maybe I’m not so weird after all.  OR they are weird too and that is okay!
  5. I almost died when I was 3.  It is true!  I choked on some bacon and our neighbor, who was a State Patrolman, ran over and did the Heimlich on me and saved me.  Shortly after that I had my tonsils taken out because they were so swollen I could have choked on pretty much anything that day.  The amazing thing is that I still love bacon!
  6. I’ve been published.  Another totally true story.  When I was in middle school the little local paper did a feature story on my writing and put it on the front page of the newspaper.  It included a short story and a poem that I had written.  See, at one time when I was younger I was pursuing my dreams.
  7. I’ve cut up an entire deer on my kitchen floor with steak knives.  So if you are not a hunter type you might not want to read this one.  My hubby and I both grew up in families of hunters.  My dad is allergic to beef so I grew up eating venison (deer) and elk for the most part.  When we were first married I was still in college and we lived in university housing.  My dear husband shot a deer, however we did not have the money to take it to a butcher.  So he dressed it out and then we carried it up 3 flights of steps to our apartment, laid newspaper out on the floor and proceeded to cut up the deer using our hunting knives and a set of Cutco steak knives we were given as a wedding gift. (Those knives are Amazing!! We trimmed the trunk of our Christmas tree that year with one too!).  We then wrapped the meat up ourselves and had enough meat to last us the entire year!

And now you know me a little better – whether you want to our not.  HA!

My Nominees: 

I’ve just started this blogging journey and between my crazy work schedule and my kid’s sports schedules I’ve not had much time yet to explore all the other wonderful blogs out there.  I’m working on remedying that now though.  I have come across a few that have caught my attention so far though.  I now share them with you:

  • From My Lofty Hill – I believe Becca has already received this award – or if not this particular one, she has received many.  And there is a good reason for that.  I myself am a country girl and a part of me is jealous of this wonderful woman who has moved from Germany to Belize where she is living on a farm in the middle of a jungle!  How awesome and adventurous does that sound?  Check out her blog and you’ll see.
  • Inclined To Do – I just discovered this blog today so I’ve not had much time to explore in depth yet.  It is a newer blog like mine.  I love the layout that Hilary has created and so far her posts have been very refreshing. She has some DIY projects, some recipes (with amazing photos!) and some just wonderful ramblings.  I will definitely be going back to check out what she posts in the future and I think you should too!!
  • Bitchin’ in the Kitchen – another one who I think has received this award before, however I don’t care because she made me laugh out loud today with her post about Sitting in the Tumble Drier.  It sounds like something that would happen in my house.  I can tell already we are kindred spirits!  I will be exploring her blog more this weekend for sure.

I know this list is not long – however I KNOW I will have a longer list soon.  Check these out at least though and if you have other suggestions for me let me know!  And thank you so much for making my first month blogging so amazing!!


7 thoughts on “My First Blogger Award – Yeah ME!

  1. Congratulations👏 there will be more coming 😉 I enjoyed reading the seven facts about you! Reminded me how my brother looked like choking on a candy ..and I instinctively (still small and never done a first aid training) kept hitting hard on his back until the candy came flying out. Glad there was somebody to save you that day!!
    And thank you so much for choosing me on your list! I will respond probably in a combined post as soon as I get to it.☺

    Liked by 1 person

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