Showering with Alexa

I am going to start taking Alexa into the shower with me every day and my family may disown me for being crazy!! (Maybe I’m being a tad bit dramatic – if they were going to disown me they probably would have already done so by now – and the kids are just as weird as me anyway!)

Okay, that probably came out a bit weird. Let me back up.

Inspiration can come at the weirdest times and in the weirdest places. Tonight I was looking through the blogs I follow and catching up on the lives of my fellow bloggers. I came across a post from theycallmetater entitled I’ve Got Nothing.  (He is probably going to block me if he ever reads this and sees I tagged him!) He mentions getting ideas for posts while driving and needing a way to capture them. I responded to his post because I totally get it. I come up with the best ideas and the best ways to word things when I’m in the shower!

You are told as an aspiring writer to make sure to write down all your ideas immediately.  Ideas can be fleeting, fluttering in and out of your brain like a neurotic hummingbird.  But some situations just are not conducive to this. Paper and pen will loose the battle in the shower. A recording device is usually not waterproof. At least not what I’m willing to pay for one. I’ve tried the talk to text feature on my phone and it makes up all kinds of random shit that it thinks I’ve said. (So if you ever get a weird ass text from me, blame the phone.)

Then I remembered, my brother in law gifted us with Alexa this year for Christmas and Echo dots for each of the kids. Someone told me she will make lists for you, so I’m betting I can get her to dictate my wonderful ramblings too. Now to figure out how to do it. I wonder if she would translate them to written words too? Better than the nonsense my phone hears.

So that is why I am taking Alexa into the shower with me. So rather than having that family member that sings loudly and off key in the shower (we do have one of those, it just does not happen to be me), my family will have that crazy woman who shouts random ideas.

“Alexa, write down my ramblings! I should do a post about committing to or not to cussing in my blogs. Not excessive profanity, but writing that is more in line with the real me…” (Yes, that is a post I’m hashing over – To cuss, or Not to Cuss. That is the Question!)

That is actually all I have for you today. No profound earth shattering ideas regarding my journey. Just some little nuggets to give you a glimpse into my mind. I will throw these in now and then, just to make sure you are awake. Haha, welcome to my world.

P.S. I’m feeling brave tonight. Here’s a little secret. I wrote this post while relaxing in a nice warm bath. I know, not safe for me or my phone. But it is not as bad as a shower where water is flying every where! And Alexa was in the other room and absolutely no help at all!


4 thoughts on “Showering with Alexa

    1. I’m glad you did not block me. Haha. I enjoy reading your posts, even when you have nothing. I always find it interesting to see what others are thinking. I’m glad you share with us, even when it is nothing.

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