I hit 50! Thank You

Wow! I’m so amazed and blessed. I started this blog as a kind of therapy for myself and a small hope that by sharing my journey someone else out there may realize they are not alone and find a bit of inspiration and strength to keep going down their path.

That was just over a month ago and 27 posts ago (28 with this one!) And I just received notification that I’ve got 50 followers through Word Press (plus I have 6 email followers!). I looked over them and realized of the 50 only 1 is someone I knew before I started this journey. I’m seriously blown away.

(So it does say above that my count is 51, but one of those is me! So that does not count.)

The other thing that has really caught me by surprise is how many blogs I’ve found and started following. The blogger community is so amazing. I’ve been warmly welcomed with open arms. That is something I never expected or even considered. This journey has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

So to celebrate, I want to give some blogger love back and link to a few of the blogs I’ve been following and enjoying lately (let’s do 5, one for every 10 followers I have!). This is obviously not a full list so I may have to do this again with more when I hit 100!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen – I know I have already mentioned her in a previous award post- but I love her blog.  It always brings a smile to my face.  And I can even picture her in my head telling me these stories in person.  If I ever get to meet her face to face we will see how my imagination lives up to the real deal.  Go check her out and hit that Follow button.  You will not regret it  (The Girl likes her too and her faves are the stories with the Pop Rocks!)

The Bloggess – okay so this is definitely a more “established” blog than the rest (She has 2 books out and a coloring book!) However, I have to mention her because I absolutely adore her.  Even my husband has listened to her first book on audio and loved it.  First post I ever read was about Beyonce the Giant Metal Chicken.  Still makes me laugh out loud to this day.

The Stubborn Australian – Loving this blog – just a normal everyday Australian dude sharing his thoughts – And I can relate to many of them which immediately had me hooked.  Plus I have cousins in Australia and some part of me likes to think that we are all somehow connected because of that (yeah – my mind is weird!)

Out of Hiding – this blog is just such an inspiration to me – it chronicles a journey through depression and alcoholism.  It is so raw and always touches me deeply.  So much strength in this blog.  I don’t even know how to express exactly what I think of this blog – so just go check it out!

Willow Soul – this is a new blog I discovered because she first discovered me!  I’ve not had a chance to explore it to my heart’s content yet – but it is on my to do list.  What I’ve read so far I am loving.  And I really like her layout.  I’ve decided I need to incorporate more pictures into my blog based on what I’m seeing on hers.  Maybe I need to get the Girl involved as she is the photographer in our family.  But back to the subject here – go checkout Willow Soul.  Another reason I like her – she is a mom of BOYS – so she gets me!

Now – for all those who I have not mentioned – If you are following me or just reading this and have a blog of your own – feel free to share a link to your blog in the comments.  I’m always looking for more reading material!!



6 thoughts on “I hit 50! Thank You

  1. Wow. Firstly amazing achievement. It is an awesome feeling to hit 50 I got tears when I hit mine right at an emotional point too so to save manliness thats what it was cough cough tough day etc etc.
    I reckon you will be hitting 100 soon especially with the stories you are reliving 😁

    Secondly there I was like cool cool some more blogs worthy of a read and then I got to mine I was like Aww loved ❤❤❤ it is such an honour to be mentioned. Oh by the way didn’t you know aussies are practically related to everyone 😄😉😜
    Congrats once again!!! 🙌🙌🙌

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  2. Thanks for the blog recommendations, I always like to check out what other people recommend. I started to follow a few. Congrats on 50! I told myself if (when) I hit 100 I will advertise my blog on my social media. Eeek! Not sure I’m ready for that. Best!

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