Road Trip Day 1: Rest Area Snowmen

Today the Girl and I embarked on the first leg of our Spring Break road trip. Just a short jaunt of about 5 hours up into Oregon today to stay with my husband’s Grandpa.

The trip was very pleasant. Great time for the Girl and I to talk about her sports, school and just life in general. Even a little bit of politics.

The roads were clear of major traffic and snow (although we did encounter some on the sides of the road). It was a great start to our trip.

About 40 minutes from Grandpa’s house is a small rest area which we usually stop at when headed up this way. As I’ve shared before, rest areas tend to be eventful parts of our trips – and I’ve not even told you all the stories yet! (See Rest Areas & Fruit Loops). Today was no exception. As we pulled in, small snowflakes began drifting from the sky.

We dropped our empty Starbucks cups in the trash, the Girl oohed and ahhed over a couple dogs being walked by their owners and then we headed towards the restroom. This is when we met Frosty.

He was just sitting on a rock enjoying the fresh air, minding his own business when we came upon him. We immediately broke out in smiles and little squeals of joy and had to run back to the car so we could get a picture.

It got me to thinking though. Someone was at this rest area prior to us, stretching their legs and chose to take a little time to build this snowman and then went on about their trip, leaving Frosty behind. Probably not anything big for this person, just something fun and creative to fill some time. Yet this unknown person brought joy and happiness to my daughter and me. And most likely others who came across Frosty later.

There are so many times in our lives when others do something small that does not mean much to them, yet makes an impact on someone else. In this case the person will never meet us and will never know the smiles he or she brought to our day.

It reminds me of a day last year when the Girl and I were leaving one of her track meets. It had been a rough day for her. I was trying to cheer her up with no success. As we got to the car and started packing bags, stadium chairs and other items into it, we failed to notice the lady sitting in her car next to us. My daughter had her driving permit and I asked if she wanted to drive. Trying to cheer her up I told her that she could not take out her aggression on other drivers by playing bumper cars. That brought a fleeting smile to her face, but it quickly faded.

All of a sudden we hear the lady who we had not even noticed say, “Honey, can I just tell you that you are too blessed to be stressed.”

The Girl’s eyes got really big and a huge smile broke through the clouds that were hovering around her. The woman then went on to say that she was listening to us and it was obvious that although it had been a rough day that we had a special bond and that we should focus on that as tomorrow is a new day.”

I’m not much of a hugger (just ask,my friends. I seem to have a lot of huggy friends for some reason. I guess they are drawn to me!) Even so I was so overcome with gratitude for this woman who brought a smile to my daughter’s face that I asked her if I could give her a hug.

It was not much on her part, but it meant the world to the Girl and me. I still tear up when I think about it.

I want to be that type of person. One who does things that leave a positive impact on others. I may not ever be as bold as the woman we encountered that day, but I am fully capable of building little snowmen to brighten someone else’s day.

A part of me hopes this blog can be one of the ways I leave a positive impact on the world. And to serve as a reminder to myself to look for ways to brighten the world, even if I never see the results myself.


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