Road Trip Day 5 & 6: Hair, Killer Hikes and more Family

Thursday and Friday were our last days in WA State before getting on the road to head back home.

We started our day Thursday still with my grandmother. She is a true southern lady which means we had a delicious breakfast to send us off. My cousin from Australia had just visited her a couple weeks ago and showed her how to make healthy pancakes. He has recently lost a lot of weight by changing his eating habits and doing DDPY. If you have not tried DDP Yoga before, I recommend you check it out. I love it. It is low impact and something I can do at home at lunchtime which is great.

Grandma also shared more stories with us about her childhood, my grandfather (who passed when I was in middle school) and about my father and his siblings. I cherish these stories and these times that I spend with my grandmother.

She had a friend who had come down from Alaska visit and we had a wonderful conversation about her life. Makes me even more excited for the cruise my husband and I will be going on later this year to Alaska.

After our visit we drove up to see my brother. He is amazing. He is a hair stylist and a school bus driver and he races Mountain Bikes. He has started making videos of some of his rides. Between his athleticism and the beautiful scenery where he rides, I am always amazed.

The Girl has prom coming soon so he and a peer of his did her hair and then he surprised me by putting me into a chair. My sparkles are beautifully weaved into my new color now. The Girl likes to color the underside of her hair and her dress is a navy blue. So she went with the underside as blue fading to silver. You just see a little bit peeking out when he hair is down. But if her hair is up you see the color mixed in with her natural color.

The Girl’s new color. French braided and upside down so you can see the color

While his fellow hair stylist did some of the color he invited me to go on a walk with his beautiful girlfriend and their dog. There was a trail nearby and she came and met us. I need to remember next time that he is in MUCH better shape than me and his idea of a stroll is very different than mine. We walked some trails that he usually rides on and I swear I almost died! Those hills are much steeper than they look in his videos. However, the scenery was definitely worth it. Every time I visit I realize how much I miss the green.

Beautiful scenery on the “stroll” I took with my brother, his girlfriend and their dog, which almost killed me. (The “stroll” not the dog!)

Once the Girl and I were both beautified we went to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. Delicious seafood and desserts. We are definitely being spoiled on this trip!

Next stop was to see my parents. They retired a few years ago and are living their dream in a cute little house on a golf course. Although we did not get there until about 9pm, we all decided to stay up and play games. Each time we see them, they teach us a new game. This visit was no different. This time is was a game that combines cards and a game board. I believe it is called Jokers and Pegs. I’m sure if I have this wrong my mother will comment when she reads this. It was a lot of fun, to the point that we stayed up until 3am playing!

Friday my parents had plans already so The Girl and I drove up to Tacoma to see my Aunt J. She is married to my dad’s oldest brother. They have one son who is just a little younger than my brother. We spent a lot of time at her house when we were growing up. In fact they took my brother and I to Disneyland and Universal Studios for the first time. We had a great visit with her going through old photographs.

There was a theme for this visit – catching up with family and revisiting the past through videos, pictures and stories. Even from a young age I loved to look at old photos and hear old stories. The only difference is now I’m in those old photos and stories!

Aunt J, me and the Girl. Taken by Uncle D.

On the way back to my parents, there was a wreck on the main road we usually would take, so we took a bit longer route which was not on main roads. It ended up being a blessing. The drive was beautiful and a route I had never been on even with all the years I had lived in WA. I wish I had pictures, but it is not safe to drive and take pictures. Especially in these types of twisty roads.

We ended the night playing more of the new board/card game with my parents.

One thing I promised myself in this trip was to live in the moment. With us jumping from house to house and based on the way I normally operate, it would be easy to be looking forward to the next stop. Planning and worrying about where we were supposed to be next. However, I made a point to just enjoy the moment and not worry if things did not go as planned. This may be one of the last trips I have with my daughter before she leaves home and I wanted to make sure I enjoyed every moment. Revisiting old memories just brought that home more for me. It really shined a light on how much has happened in my life since those days and how different things are than I would have ever imagined. If I went back and told that girl where she would be in 25 years, I would never have believed it.

This trip has been amazing and I definitely would like to do the same with each of the boys. And I want to really focus more on cherishing the past and living in the present rather than being so worried and focused on the future. So here’s to focusing on the moment and making sure you are really truly living in it rather than being so focused on the future.

UPDATE: for those interested this is a video my brother and his girlfriend made which features him riding on some of the trails he took me for a “stroll” on and almost killed me!!

Lefty Video


5 thoughts on “Road Trip Day 5 & 6: Hair, Killer Hikes and more Family

  1. Haha! It was definitely those darn hills. The dog is a sweetheart and I’m used to big dogs as we have one ourselves. My brother kept asking me questions as we walked up this steep ass hill which just made it worse because I was trying to talk. It was good exercise after all the food we’ve been being treated to this week, though.

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  2. Nice way you captured the “in the moment” moments you had. Bunches of them. And the ordinary wonderfulness of them.

    And now I have a yoga–DDP–to look up. I’ve been thinking about taking yoga and my quick check of DDP sounds promising. Thanks!

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