Road Trip Day 6 & 7: The Journey Back Home

As of today I’m back in my “real” life – no longer in vacation mode. However, I still have some to write about this wonderful week I just spent with The Girl. The last two days of our trip consisted of our drive back home. This was an adventure in and of itself. (WARNING:  Lots of links in this post!)

First stop on our journey home was in Portland. Thank goodness for GPS and Google Maps. We were not very far off our main path for this first step but without my trusty Google Maps we would have been in a lot of trouble. And Portland has a lot of those pesky one way streets just like Eugene!

The Girl is a HUGE fan of cookie dough. If you want in good with her, just buy her anything cookie dough flavored and you’ll have a friend for life. Awhile back she found at Walmart some cookie dough in a tub that was specifically made for eating raw. The dough has no raw eggs in it so it is “safe” (I should be dead so many times by now!). And it tastes good too. Then she found out this product is actually sold in their own cafe – the Cookie Dough Cafe. Think Baskin Robbins but with cookie dough rather than ice cream. So she just HAD to go visit it.

And so here we were on a Saturday afternoon navigating our way through Portland’s one way streets looking for the parking garage that was right next door to the cafe. (which by the way cost $4 to park for like 10 minutes! This cookie dough was expensive!!!)

We find the parking and the cafe and in The Girl’s mind we found Heaven. She got chocolate chip cookie dough – of course! I snagged a scoop of the Snickerdoodle! OMG!! It was delicious! We each only got one scoop which looks really small, but believe me – it is plenty. This stuff is rich! Added bonus – The Girl snagged another sticker for her Hydro Flask.

The Cookie Dough Cafe – Portland, OR. One scoop Snickerdoodle for me and one scoop Chocolate Chip Cookie and a sticker for The Girl.

The next stop was for my husband and his grandfather. If you are from the Pacific Northwest you’ve probably heard of Skippers. It is a fast food type of seafood restaurant with delicious clam chowder and fish & chips. They have been going out of business though. The one in the town where grandpa lives has been gone for about 7 or 8 years now. However, we had found one a few years back in Salem.

My hubby asked if I could go pick up one of those carriers that keeps your food hot and to go by and get some fish for him and grandpa and maybe a couple cans of chowder. The problem was, when I looked up the address Google said the restaurant was permanently closed. A little further digging though revealed that it was now under new ownership, BUT they were re-opening it in Independence, OR rather than Salem. Google maps revealed this was about 16 miles outside of Salem. The Girl and I were in no real big hurry and up for an adventure so we decided to go for it. And we are so glad we did.

The drive was beautiful. The town is an older historical town of just under 9,000 people and was very charming. We fell in love immediately. We parked by a cute little shop called Same As It Never Was Vintage which we decided to take a peek in. Lots of really cool items and the owner had the cutest little rescue dog that she was fostering.  (There is a picture of the dog on their FB page). The Girl was immediately smitten.

Then we walked down to the Skippers which was located in an older historic building. Gave it lots of character. The owner was super nice and friendly and when he found out we would be traveling with our purchase he was very accommodating. We grabbed some tartar sauce, a couple cans of clam chowder and a dozen pieces of the yummy cod. If you want to check it out, they have a Facebook page. This is the last Skippers in Oregon! (Although the owner noted on the FB page that he may be looking into a new one in Salem once this one is up and running – it just opened in late February) I told my husband we needed to go back sometimes not just for the fish, but to explore the town more too. It took a lot of self control for me to walk past the little used bookstore in town. The drive back to 1-5 was beautiful and I’ve decided I may like to live in this area.

We drove to grandpa’s house to stay the night with him. He was thrilled to get the fish! He has been craving it for 8 years now!

The next morning we drove the rest of the way home. We stopped by the rest area on the way home, but alas Frosty was no longer there. The weather had warmed up quite a bit in the week we were gone. The night before when we went over the pass there was barely any snow even on the side of the road. So he obviously moved on to colder weather somewhere else.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. However, we came home to a houseful. My MIL (Mother-in-Law) and nephew were there along with their two cute adorable Australian Labradoodles. Our monster puppy is still deciding what she thinks. She loves having other dogs to play with but she is not totally sure she likes sharing her toys or her people with these two.

Monster Puppy and her Australian Labradoodle buddies

Overall, I’m extremely grateful The Girl and I took this trip and that I am not so UNCOOL that she is embarrassed to hang out with me for a week. It was a great opportunity for us to spend quality time together, for me to be refreshed and to practice living in the moment.  It helped me in my goal to try to see life as more of an adventure than the chore I had been starting to see it as over the past few years.

Change in perspective is so life changing!  I strongly recommend it.

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  1. Glad to see you used lots of links — that’s what this innerwebz thing is all about. Some bloggers seem to be afraid to use the things, I think they think they’ll lose eyeballs, or something. There’s nowt so queer as folk!

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