Ramblings of a Tired Mind

Me and my tired mind. Is that a big zit on my forehead!? Darn camera reflection in my glasses. Don’t mind me and my ramblings!

So here I sit trying to figure out what to write. Why? Because some part of me feels like I need to be writing. A part of me feels guilty that it has been 5 days since I’ve posted anything. I meant to write over the weekend and I have some ideas that I’ve jotted down. I have a story with some pictures of my boys from a few years ago that I’m dying to share with all of you. I was nominated for a Liebster Award and I need to finish up the requirements for that and post it. I have some great quotes from a book I’ve been reading that I have some thoughts on. So many ideas. . .

Yet all they do is swirl around in my mind. It is like I am standing in the middle of my mind and these great ideas and great thoughts are swirling around and I keep reaching out to grasp them so I can put them down on paper (or more accurately on my keyboard), but they keep escaping my grasp. It is like my brain is in a bit of a fog and I just can’t get these wispy amazing words to materialize into something solid and concrete.

Do you have days like this? Am I the only one who feels like my brain has gone on strike and is living in la la land? I know if I could just grasp the tail end of even one of these things I could write away and amaze and/or amuse all of you. Yet I just can’t seem to do it. It is like when you are in a dream and you are trying to run but you just can’t seem to get your legs to move.

I had so many things I wanted to get done this weekend – not just writing. But I did not really get to any of them. Instead I basically vegged with my kids. I did do a couple things that were needed (I went shopping with the Drama Queen for a birthday gift for his girlfriend – that was actually very nice and I enjoyed the time with him), but overall it was just not productive. But maybe that is what I needed. Some lazy down time with the kids to recuperate from the darn cold and everything else that has been stressing me out lately. Who knows.

So now you all get to read (if you are still reading) is my rant which is basically my attempt to just get anything down on the page so I can get the creative juices flowing again and maybe finally wrangle one of these ideas into reality. Wish me luck – for the sake of everyone’s sanity! (Okay, maybe that was just a tad bit dramatic!)


8 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Tired Mind

  1. Kat Seaholm

    Kids grow up way to fast, you need to spend time with them now. And sometimes taking a break works out great. When I’m frustrated and stonewalled by my words, I tend to go and workout until I’m exhausted. Sometimes that helps me write, sometimes it helps me get a good night’s sleep so I can start fresh in the morning. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

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  2. Oh Yes. That is very familiar. I have days where I have no confidence in anything I write and think. Oh dear, that’s it, no more creative juices. Then a couple of days later, something gets me going again, I write a story I’m pleased with and then I feel back on track.

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