3 Day Quote Challenge – Dr Seuss Style

I’ve been nominated again for the 3 Day Quote Challenge.  This is one of my favorites!  This time I’m going to do it Dr. Seuss Style!  As a small child I had two favorite authors – Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein.  They are two authors who I have never outgrown – I still love their books to this day.  Maybe next time I’ll do Shel Silverstein – but it is not as easy to get a “quote” from his stuff.

So the way this challenge works is I thank the person who nominated me, I give a quote for the day (1 quote per day over a period of 3 days) and then I nominate 3 others each day.  At least I think those are the full rules.  You know how these “blog chain letters” go – things get lost over time – like a game of telephone.

Oh!  That reminds me – check out the game Telestrations!  So much fun – and they have an adult version called Telestrations After Dark.  I was going to just combine the kids version with our Card Against Humanity game until I saw they had already done it.  It is a combination of the telephone game and Pictionary – FUN, FUN, FUN!!  And don’t worry if you can’t draw – that makes is BETTER!

Ok – so that was a total detour, but I wanted to make sure I did not forget to share.  So back to our challenge.  I was nominated for this challenge by Pedantry at Wibble.  Thank you very much for the nomination!

Today’s Dr. Seuss quote is one that you’ve all probably seen before, but it has always spoken to me and goes along quite nicely with the whole reason I started blogging.  I’m trying to really embrace this Seuss-ism in my life.


Dr Seuss 3


This has been especially true lately.  I’ve been put in some situations which are very uncomfortable and making me take some big, BIG steps outside my comfort zone.  It is hard at times to really be me and say what I think, for a few reasons.

One, sometimes I don’t even fully know or understand what I think or feel in the situation.  I’ve sent so much of my life trying to be, feel and think what I thought was “right” that I don’t always have the real me figured out yet.

Second, I have trouble speaking up and even standing up for myself at times because I care how what I say and do affects others.  Sometimes I’m too focused on this and in the end make things worse because I did not speak up in the first place.  I’m still learning the right balance here.  The funny thing is I don’t necessarily have an issue with speaking up to defend others – sometimes to my own detriment.

Third, in some of these situations to be “successful” I’m being pressured to behave or think in a way that is not in line with who I am or who I want to be.  While I don’t want to be a push over, I also have some definite ideas about not wanting to be a total bitch either.  Even if someone else has hurt me or taken advantage, I don’t want to stoop to that level.  I need to be me and not who everyone else thinks I need to be to be successful.  I’ve realized everyone has a different idea of who is a successful person anyway – so you can’t ever actually hit it.  The only way to be successful is to define success in your own eyes and then shoot for that.

So, here’s to Dr. Seuss and learning his lessons now that I’m in my 40’s since I missed the point back in my younger years.  Better late than never!

Oh! And nominations.  Oh geez – seems like everyone has already done these multiple times.  If you don’t want to play along – no pressure.

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