3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 2) – Dr Seuss Style

Today is Day 2 of my 3 Day Quote Challenge – Dr Seuss Style.  If you did not catch it – Day 1 of this challenge can be found here.   It is super special because it was my 50th post on this blog!  Wow!  Can you believe I started less than 3 months ago!

As a refresher for this challenge – the rules include thanking the person who nominated you for the challenge, posting a quote every day for 3 days and nominating 3 individuals for the challenge each day.

So for starters – thank you once again to Pedantry at Wibble for nominating me – this is one of my favorite challenges and I think this is the 4th time I’ve been nominated to participate.

In keeping with my Dr Seuss style theme for this go round – today’s quote is. . .

Dr Seuss 1

This quote has always made me smile.  My entire family is it’s own kind of weirdness and some of my closets friends (you know who you are!!) are definitely WEIRD.  Seriously, you have to be to like me that much!  Because I AM WEIRD!!

My hubby probably does not consider himself as being weird – BUT he did pursue me in High School and then voluntarily committed himself to me just few years later.  And now after almost 23 years of marriage we are still together and have three VERY WEIRD children.  So if he is still claiming to not be weird – nobody’s buying it.  (Sorry honey!)

He gets annoyed at my weirdness at times – especially when he is being bombarded by myself and the kids at the same time.  But as he grumbles under his breath and rolls his eyes at us (usually because the Girl and I are sending each other weird Snapchats while sitting on either side of him on the couch!), I know deep down inside he is smiling because he absolutely adores us and all our weirdness.

So here’s to all the weirdos in the world and all our mutual weirdness.  May we never become normal!

As for nominations – it is late and I’ve had a long day.  If you want to throw some of your favorite quotes out into cyberspace – consider yourself challenged.  And after you do your post – come back here and leave a link in the comments.  It will make me look cool for having more comments and it may just get you a few more clicks too.  Let’s be weird together!

Goodnight to all the weirdos in this world!  We are Awesome!




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