3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 3) – Dr Seuss Style

So I must apologize – I missed this post yesterday.  Ideally, this challenge is supposed to be 3 consecutive days and I even had all 3 of my quotes picked out.  However, I did not post yesterday.

It was a long day at work and then I rushed off to watch the Girl compete in the League Finals for Track & Field.  As we were hosting the Finals here at our High School, I was also signed up to volunteer.  I worked the High Jump pit which is great because I can watch the Girl compete up close and personal for that event.  Not sure if she really thinks it is great or not, but she seems to be okay with it.  (I did get a high five from her after one of her jumps – my hand is still on fire!  The Girl can slap HARD!)  The High Jump pit at our school also happens to be at the same end of the track as her leg of the 4×100 so I get an up close view of that too!

She ended up doing great (WARNING: Mom brag time coming).

Overall for her 4 events she took 5th for Long Jump and Triple Jump (alternate for Sectionals next week in both) and she qualified for Sectionals with a 4th for High Jump and 3rd for the 4×100 Relay team.  In addition, she PR’d (Personal Record) for Long Jump which is an event she just started doing this year and the 4×100 relay team broke the HS record for the 2nd time this year.  (This is a record this team set last year – 10x!).   And the Girls Varsity team took 2nd overall in the League.  So all in all a great day.  It was pretty warm though and this girlie does not do well in the heat.  After standing out in it to volunteer and then the anxiety of watching The Girl compete (I think I’m more anxious than she is!) I came home, ate dinner and crashed.

So – back to the purpose of this post (Mom bragging is just secondary) – The 3 day Quote challenge, Dr Seuss style.  First, I want to thank Pedantry @ Wibble once again for nominating me for this challenge.  I’ve really had fun with this one.

Next I’m going to go a bit out of order and do my nominations first.  You are suppose to do 3 nominations each day as part of the rules.  If you want to see a clearer stating of the rules refer to my Day 1 or Day 2 posts.  Since I wimped out on Day 2 with the nominations and this post is a day late – I will behave myself and follow this rule today.

My nominations – if you choose to accept (please don’t feel obligated, although I look forward to seeing what you have to post) – are:

Okay and now to what you have all been waiting for . . . the culmination of my Dr Seuss AMAZING quotes.  I picked this one because quite honestly it just speaks to me so much.  It may not be a totally official Dr. Seuss quote – since I think it was just written for the movie – I don’t recall it in the book.  But when I heard it in the movie I immediately thought, “Hey!  That’s me!”  So without further ado…

Dr Seuss 2Happy Friday!  May your weekend be filled with Ponies, Rainbows and Butterflies!


5 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 3) – Dr Seuss Style

  1. No need to feel that you failed the challenge because you didn’t quote on consecutive days: I’ve seen since that this challenge is supposed to be phrased in that way, but that wasn’t specified in the challenge when it was presented to me, and I didn’t pass on that requirement to you 🙂

    In fact so far I’ve only done the first of my three day challenge posts; the second and third are scheduled for this coming week and the week after… So if you ‘failed’, I failed worse! 😀

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