I’m always amazed at how our minds work. Especially when it comes to dreams. You go to sleep at night and while you body is resting and rejuvenating itself, your mind runs wild. I often have dreams which seem detailed and totally logical and plausible at the time, yet when I wake up the few details I can recall I realize don’t flow well together at all. However, even though the facts of the dream and progression may make no sense, the feelings left behind are not so easily shaken.

Last night I had a dream that seemed to go on forever, like a really long movie with multiple characters and plots. Yet now that I’m awake I can only vaguely remember a few details. The main one was that the company I work for was not doing well financially and they sent out letters to many of us saying we were to be terminated on May 22nd. The details of my work environment and even some of the people and other events from the dream do not match up with reality at all. However, the feelings related to the dream of confusion, betryal and bewilderment are still lingering hours after I’ve woken.

I could go into multiple reasons as to why this dream scenario can’t be true and could not happen. All in an attempt to reassure myself (and I do know it is just a dream), but only a good cup of coffee, distraction in a book or some family activity and some time will erase the lingering emotional impressions left by this dream.

I have this happen quite often with my dreams and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Lingering emotions from my dreams affect my day and how I react to situations and people. I’m not able to easily shake them and move on some days.

I wish sometimes I could more easily document and describe these dreams. I’ve tried keeping a journal by the bed, but as I start to write it down and become more fully awake, the details slip from my grasp like mist.

It is like a whole other world that I live in for hours each day. I fall asleep in this one and wake in that one. The details of the one, fuzzy in the reality of the other. Yet they both have a lingering effect on the other world.

Do we all really live in two worlds, separate from one another, yet always affecting each other? What dreams have you had lately that while waking are indistinct yet leave an lingering impression on you?


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I’ve tried keeping a journal by the bed, but as I start to write it down and become more fully awake, the details slip from my grasp like mist.

    I’ve had the same experience myself. I haven’t persevered… but I understand that if you do persevere, not only can you get better at recalling your dreams, but you can also have lucid dreams (I’ve had a few of those. They’re fun!)

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  2. They say dreams mix between recent events and deep fears. I have had dreams where my wife had slept around the pain and anger I felt lingered for hours. Other times like I wrote in a post recently I will see a deceased friend and have that whole losing them again feeling.
    My days are usually controlled by the dreams before if I have had a bad one I will not be in a good mood till I can swing it. The worst ones are that of a different life with a whole new family in a different place that can really ness with your mind.

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