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I’m going to try something new. I found a really cool blog through Word Press (I don’t even recall now how I stumbled across it!) and it resolves a few things I’ve been trying to figure out. Check out – Brandon’s Bullet Journal. I’m going to create my very own Bullet Journal.

The anal perfectionist in me likes to track things and likes to do lists. I enjoy checking things off a list to the point where if I do something not on my list, I will add it just so I get the satisfaction of checking it off. I always want a planner but I’m very picky. I don’t want a huge one and I don’t want one just to have one. I want it to actually be useful. I’ve found a lot of different planners that had really cool things that I liked, but I’ve never found one that has all the features I want. And most have things I know I will never use so it is a waste of time and space!

By creating my own Bullet Journal – I can incorporate what I need/want AND I get to be creative – which is another thing I’m trying to do more often. I love to draw, write and color and organize things. So this allows me to do all of that!

I read through all of Brandon’s posts, I did some research on google, ordered my supplies and started creating my journal this last weekend. I have a general section in the beginning for things I want to track for the year. And then I started on my June section so it is ready to go when the first gets here. Each month will be the same basic layout with a theme for each month (What a great idea Brandon!!) And as I go along if I find certain sections do not work for me or I want to add something – I can do that!

So far I’ve organized my bullet journal with the following:


  • Cover Page
  • 2018 Reading Log (Graphical)
  • Reading Log Details
  • Blog Ideas

June: (Theme: Sun & Beach)

  • Cover Page
  • Calendar (Month)
  • June Event Tracker (at a glance – one page)
  • Weekly Planning (high level to do items – one page)
  • June Habit Tracker
  • June Mood Tracker
  • Daily Calendar – Memories, Gratitude, Journals
  • Quotes/Scripture pages – to be added throughout the month as desired

Here are some pictures of what I’ve done so far:

This is my graphical Reading Log for 2018. I have pages after this that are more in a chart format where I can list the Title, Author and my rating.
June calendar at a glance. I probably won’t do anything more with this. It is just an easy way to see the entire month at once and allowed me to be creative.
This page has one box for each week. The dates covered are in the top corner of each. This would just have my higher level to do items for the week which don’t necessarily correspond to a particular day.
Habit tracker. These are things that may change month to month. I’ve thought about adding a meal log, weight tracking and other stuff – but for this first month I will just keep it simple. If I do it that day I get to color in the box all pretty. If I don’t do it – I black out the box.
Since I deal with anxiety I thought it might be interesting to take note each day of my mood and track it. I saw something online which incorporated a picture and color coding rather than just a plain calendar. So I’m going to try this for June and see how I like it.
This will be my area to make note of anything I want each day of the month. Things I want to remember, things I am grateful for and any other journal type notes I want to log.
I could incorporate a weight tracking here by adding it each day. I could do the mood tracking too by adding a little colored square to each day that corresponds with my mood tracker.
My goal is to write something each day – even if it is just a gratitude for the day.

So there it is for all to see. My newest project. I found it very enjoyable and fulfilling to plan this out and create it. I can’t wait to start using it in June.


25 thoughts on “Something New – Bullet Journal

    1. I’ve learned to take “me time” at night after the kids are in bed. I sit and relax with the hubby and watch TV, but can’t just sit still so I do this then. And I’ve decided to let some things around the house go or have my kids do them. If I don’t I never “shut down” which leads to me getting sick. This did not take too long to do. A couple hours over about 3 days time.

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    1. I’m trying to make it a point to do something creative like this or read before bed. It helps me to shut down my brain so I actually get a decent night of sleep. I find that just watching TV does not always work for me. Certain shows actually cause me to be anxious. haha

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      1. I’ve already watched season 1. Haven’t watched season 2 yet. It is weird what causes me anxiety. I love Suits but it causes me anxiety. I think it is all the back stabbing and sneaky strategy stuff and the fact that I’m dealing with some of that at my work right now. Or maybe I’m just weird. That could be the issue. LOL

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    1. Thank you! Being creative like this is relaxing for me and helps me to de-stress after a day in the Corporate world and running 3 kids all over the place. I sit on the couch, watch TV with the hubby and work on this. Helps me to sleep better at night because I can focus on this and let the rest of my day go.

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