3 Quotes, 3 Day Challenge (Song Lyric Style) – Day 2

I’m a day late posting this.  The Girl had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and I spent the day with her.  Poor girl’s cheeks have blown up like a deranged chipmunk today, but she’s still adorable.

The Stubborn Australian tagged me for the 3 Quote, 3 Day challenge and added the requirement of using song lyrics.  Day 1 is posted here if you’ve not already seen it.

So before we get into the fun details for today – let’s review the Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post 1 quote (song lyric) for 3 days
  3. Nominate 3 people

Now, the Stubborn Australian wanted me to share a song lyric that I like and has made an impact on my life.  I’m kind of putting a tad bit of a spin on this one.  I like this song and while the song itself has not made an impact on my life, the concept behind it has made a huge impact on me.

Let me explain – I am a big daddy’s girl!  And my daughter is an even bigger daddy’s girl than I have ever been.  I love the father/daughter dynamic.  It means a lot to me and always brings a tear to my eye.  So I love father/daughter songs.  Some of my favorites include Stealing Cinderella, I Loved Her First and Cleaning this Gun (the reason for this I’ll save for another post!)

But my all time favorite is Tough Little Boys by Gary Allen.  I’m including the link to the entire video below – but before you click on it I want to share a couple things, one of them being the lyrics I’ve chosen for today’s post.

First, grab a tissue.  I’ve seen this video multiple times and still can NOT get through it without crying.  In this case it is not just because of the father/daughter relationship.  This video is focused on military dads.  The men and women who risk their lives for our country and freedom are near and dear to my heart.  So a video featuring military men who are also fathers really gets to me.

Second, is the reason I’ve chosen these specific lyrics from the song – let me tell you a little story.  It was the early 90’s, I was in High School.  I was a straight A student and this quiet, tough country boy asked me out.  He was a bit of a bad boy too and I liked bad boys.  Nobody thought it would last.  But here we are now, married almost 23 years and have three children of our own.  And this tough country boy has one big huge weakness – His Daughter!

So here is my quote/song lyric for today – Tough Little Boys.

Well I’m a grown man
And as strong as I am
Sometimes its hard to believe
That one little girl, with little blonde curls
Could totally terrify me
If you were to ask
My wife would just laugh
She’d say “I know all about men
How when tough little boys grow up to be dads
They turn into big babies again”

I’ve seen this happen first hand with my husband and I love the relationship I see between him and The Girl.

Now for the nominations – and I want to keep this as a song lyric post OR if you prefer you can do poetry. As usual – feel no obligation if you are not up to playing along at this time.


3 thoughts on “3 Quotes, 3 Day Challenge (Song Lyric Style) – Day 2

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