From the Mouths of Babes

Ok, so maybe he’s not really a babe anymore – as in the meaning of the title phrase. He’s just a few months shy of being 14 and starts High School in the fall. However, to me (as with all moms) he will always be my baby.

So this post is about the Drama Queen – my middle child and oldest son. Warning – this is a bit of another mom brag post.

There is a local medical group who started a poster / billboard contest years ago (like when I was still in school!) called Don’t Buy the Lie. It was started to combat the tobacco ads that were rampant at the time and used advertising that was drawing in the younger generations. Now the focus of the campaign is not just on cigarettes and chewing tobacco, it focuses on vaping too. Apparently this has gotten big with the kids even as young as middle school because they’ve been told it is harmless.

So this program visits a large number of Middle School and High Schools in the area, puts on an assembly and does a poster / billboard contest. This year the Drama Queen sent in a submission and he was chosen as the site winner for his middle school! We were beyond thrilled.

As part of this he was invited to attend a reception where he was presented with his certificate and $50. He was beyond thrilled about the money, of course.

The reception was fun. He decided to wear a nice button up shirt with a bow tie (he had picked it out for 8th grade promotion this year – and I must say he looks quite dashing in it!) He was thrilled because more than one of the women there commented on how handsome he looked and they made a big deal about his bow tie. He was all smiles and dimples, which just got him more attention.

They spoke about the program and how it has grown over the years. Then they had a speaker who was actually quite fascinating. He was a scientist who years ago had been hired by a tobacco company to do studies to find another drug other than nicotine to put in their product. They had discovered nicotine caused heart issues so they wanted something that was addicting still but did not cause heart issues and kill people. His lab was all top secret and he did a lot of studies on how nicotine changes your brain. He ended up turning against the tobacco companies and speaking in front of Congress back in the 90’s when they tried to tell Congress that nicotine was harmless.

This guy actually is part of the program now and talks to all the kids at the assemblies they hold to kick of the contest each year. My son was very excited to hear him speak again. Even my husband was fascinated by this guy’s story. AND he had half of a frozen human brain that he walked around and showed to all of us. A REAL human brain. It was quite disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

The most ironic thing though about the night was that it was held in a big new sports arena, which meant when we went in we had to step through a metal detector. The hubby kept setting off the alarms. After emptying his pockets of change, keys and a can of Copenhagen, come to find out it was because we had met him at work and drove straight to this thing and he was still wearing his steel toed work boots.

But did you catch what I put there? One of the things he dumped out on the tray from his pockets and the woman ushering us through kind of laughed about was a can of chewing tobacco. A bit ironic.

Overall it was a great night and the hubby and I got to spend time with just the Drama Queen. We don’t get to do that much – just the three of us going somewhere like that. And the focus was just to honor him. When he went up to accept his award at the end there were a few of the women with the health organization who were hooting and hollering for him. Later I realized he was the only one they did that for, so I asked the Drama Queen if he knew who they were? He said no, but smiled that charming dimpled smile of his and made some comment about he was just that hot. (oh geez!) They ended up explaining later that they cheered because they were actually from the same town we live in and had attended the Middle School that the Drama Queen was representing. He still claims it is all because of the bow tie. Of course!


2 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Babes

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith

    That was fantastic! My son liked contests for about 2 years then decided it was too much work, effort, and awards are “stupid” It was a poster (and so true too).

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