In His Eyes

This is a short item I wrote for a class I was taking years ago.  I would not call it a short story because it is more like the beginning of something.  I’ve thought about picking it back up and doing more with it.  We shall see where the winds of my life take me…  In the meantime – I hope you enjoy.

In His Eyes

the beginnings of a story by Angela Smith

The first thing she noticed about him was his eyes.  Not the color, as she could not tell you the color, even though she’d spent the whole night stealing glances at him.  What caught her attention was what she sensed behind his eyes:  wisdom, confidence and power.  And something else she could not at the time put a word to, but would later recognize as compassion and understanding.  She had very little of these two in her life up to this point.  She did not know what she sensed at the time, only that she was drawn to him.

She would not be able to give anyone a physical description of him at the end of the night, except for his eyes.  Even then she could not adequately put into words what she saw and felt.  All she knew was when he turned to look at her, she was simultaneously awed and frightened.  It seemed he saw to the very core of her being and knew things about her even she did not know.  She was afraid to meet his eyes, but could not tear her gaze away.

The first time she became aware of him was at the local coffee shop.  She was spending time with a girlfriend sharing the latest gossip over mochas with her back to the door when she felt a change in the room as soon as he walked in.  It was like a spring breeze came into the room and enveloped her in its warmth.  He walked straight to their table and she felt a jolt of electricity travel through her body as he stood behind her.  A sense of excitement and a sudden fear came over her as they were introduced.  She did not even notice the others who had arrived with him or hear the rest of the introductions as he smiled at her and took her hand in greeting.  It was the beginning of an exhilarating and frightening roller coaster ride that would change her life forever.

Amy had always considered herself a strong and independent woman.  She was successful and could take care of herself, and had done exactly that for many years.  She prided herself on not being dependent upon anyone, especially a man.  She had learned that lesson well at a young age.

Amy’s memories of her father were vague, like an almost forgotten dream.  Unfinished dream would probably be a better description.  She was born a princess in her father’s eyes and was treated like one.  Until one day when she was five and she was rudely awakened from her “dream” life.  Overnight she went from being daddy’s princess to being the forgotten girl in the corner.  Crying herself to sleep at night, wondering when the nightmare would end.  She finally realized the nightmare was the reality, everything that came before was the unfinished dream.  When she thought of those beautiful times she was filled with a longing so strong that it was a physical pain.  Amy had decided it was easier to just put that part of her life behind her, like the dream it was.  She had resigned herself to never being that princess again.

If the loss of her beloved father was not enough to convince her of this, her experience with the various men she came to know as “daddy” over the next dozen years was more than enough proof.  She watched her mother age overnight and become disillusioned with the world.  That was Amy’s example for life, and Amy was a good student.  Along with this disillusionment came a feeling of worthlessness.  Amy’s mother started dating men who did not respect women.  They saw her mother as an object to satisfy their selfish desires, whatever they might be.  When Amy turned twelve those desires sometimes turned towards her.  By then her mother was in such a pit of despair she turned away from what was occurring under her own roof.  At least they were leaving her alone.

At seventeen Amy escaped that part of the nightmare.  She was tired of seeing her mother submit to the treatment of the men in her life.  Although Amy had been beaten down by these men, she was not broken.  Instead she had built a wall around her so high and strong it would be near impossible to even begin to penetrate it.  The few men who had tried quickly gave up.  She walked out the door of her mother’s house determined to never let a man have the upper hand in her life again.  She would never show weakness and she would always be in complete control from that moment forward.  Until the day He walked in, that was the way she lived her life.  Always in control, never revealing her true self because that would lead to pain.

Although that fateful day at the coffee shop was the first time Amy remembered meeting him, he’d known her all her life.  From the day she was born he’d lovingly watched her become the woman she was today.  He had cried with her on those lonely nights after she’d lost her father.  His heart had broken for her those nights when her new daddies would come to visit her.  He’d stroked her hair with a soft breeze after when she was lying in her bed, curled in a ball, feeling worthless.  He had never seen her as worthless.  To him, she had always been the most valuable treasure in the world, worth more than all the riches of Solomon.  She always would be.  There was nothing she could ever do to change how he felt about her.  She just did not yet realize it.


5 thoughts on “In His Eyes

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  2. I am just rereading this story. Firstly the language and imagery is beautiful. I liked that the first time I read it, but I didn’t take it in fully.

    Initially it seemed this man with the lovely eyes is a potential boyfriend/lifepartner, but then at the end it seemed like he’d known her all her life. Is he then her father?

    You mentioned that she awoke suddenly and stopped being a princess, is that because of an unpleasant experience?

    ‘The loss of her beloved father’, did he die? Then I am confused, who is the guy with the beautiful eyes who has known her all her life?

    I am not criticising, I think it is beautifully written, I just want to understand more, which means I have engaged with the story. You should definitely write more, develop the characters.


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    1. I wrote this story years ago as an assignment for a Christian writing course I was taking. Her father had died. The man in the story who knows her better than herself and has always been there for her is a representation of Jesus.

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