When Life just SUCKS

I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell for writing lately.  It is not because I don’t have tons of stuff flying around in my head or because I’m not actually writing.  It is just not stuff that I’ve felt is appropriate to share here – for various reasons.

I’ve told my kids tons of times that life is not fair – but gosh darn it – Life just plain ole SUCKS sometimes!

I’m struggling with something right now which I can’t share any details about.  However, I can share how it has me feeling.  I feel betrayed. Like I have given and given of myself and the other party has just crapped all over everything I’ve offered up.  Now in this situation I actually do kind of understand where this other party is coming from and I get that this is not personal.  But no matter how many times I tell myself that and no matter how much I understand that – it does not change how I feel.  It feels personal to me and I’m having a hard time not taking it personal.

So if you don’t hear from me a lot right now don’t worry yourself too much.  Come back now and then to check in and see if I am back.

I’ve decided I’m going to partially combat this entire situation by writing more.  I’ve started reading On Writing:  A Memoir on the Craft by Stephen King and it is inspiring me to really start pushing through all this crude and to not let it keep me from my passion.  Instead I will turn this into fuel for my passion.

So while Life just totally SUCKS at times – I’m going to do my best to turn that into good things for me.  I will stumble and wallow in my muck at times – but I’m determined to get through this.  So please keep checking back and cheering me on.  It is greatly appreciated.

Love to all of you who are rooting for me!  You are my heroes!


8 thoughts on “When Life just SUCKS

  1. It’s so weird you mentioned Stephen King. He literally lives about 40 miles from me. One time, nearly 20 years ago, he gave me some advice that I have twisted to be one of my life’s leading guides.

    I was a new reporter covering a high school baseball playoff game at a field he donated the money for. It was beautiful. He came up to watch the game in the press box, I assume so fans didn’t swarm him the whole time. I was talking about how I felt like I had to explain who the best player was on the team in the article I was working on or something to that effect. He said, “You never have to say someone is the best player. Just say what they did and let the audience figure it out.”

    Since then, I’ve come to believe things like the smartest person in the room doesn’t have to tell anybody he’s the smartest.

    I think if Stephen King were here, he’d tell you that your life doesn’t suck. He’d tell you to be honest, lay out the details and let everyone else decide for themselves. Of course, he might also be one of those people who says, “But think of the starving children in Africa. They would trade places with you in a minute.” I hate people who say that. They suck.

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    1. Haha. I kind of think he would not be that kind of person. Pretty cool that you were able to meet and talk to him though. He is one writer I’ve read since High School and I love his writing. And the advice he gave you is something he mentions in this book too.

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