Spam! …or How WordPress thinks I talk too much!

This is the first time I have ever re-blogged something from someone else on my blog. However, I went into my spam folder and found posts from Britchy, Rory and Kristian that I had never seen before! I need to check this everyday now!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

I follow a lot of blogs.. an awful lot of blogs in fact! I also leave a heck of a lot of comments. I got told five or six times yesterday by people that they’d found comments I’d made in their spam comments folders – on checking WordPress help pages I found that ‘excessive’ comments do start going into spam folders!

I’m not going to comment less because I know how much others comments mean to me however, I would advise you all to check your spam comments regularly because you could be missing out on feedback!

If you don’t know how to check, go to your ‘my sites’ button and scroll down to ‘comments’ you’ll find all the comment folders there to check through!

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10 thoughts on “Spam! …or How WordPress thinks I talk too much!

  1. That’s weird. I regularly go through my ‘spam’ comments, and usually most of it is easy to spot as spam. I only ever get the occasional one that I have to dig a little bit to determine whether it’s genuine.

    One caveat: depending how your policy is set up, one does have to be a little bit careful. If like me you have a policy that after you’ve allowed one comment, the same commenter can comment again without going into the moderation queue, if you let a spammer in through that door it can leave a heckuvva mess in a short space of time :/


    1. I had not checked that folder before – because honestly I did not even know it existed. I had 16 in the folder of which I think 3 or 4 were from people I regularly interact with and have approved in the past for comments. So not sure why they ended up there. But now I will check it daily, just in case.

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      1. Are we talking about the actual spam folder or the moderation queue? If the latter, emails could end up there because of the policy your site has for comments. Check out Settings > Discussion (for instance, a comment may be held in the queue if it contains several links).


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