6 Word Prompts – July 14th & 15th

Jo from A Creative PTSD Gal has created a 6 word story prompt for July which I am participating in. To see her original post with the full list for July – click HERE.

I’ve spent the weekend in Tahoe with some amazing ladies for a fun and much needed girl’s weekend. Unfortunately, we had very limited wi-fi access so I’m posting my prompts for today and yesterday in this post.

July 14th Prompt – Shoes

I started out with a prompt about walking in someone else’s shoes based on some things that have been happening in my life lately. However, while looking for a picture to go with my prompt I came across this one and decided to change the wording a bit. Sometimes I tent to not take risks and I can be a bit too serious at times – in addition to walking in someone else’s shoes, it is probably a good reminder to play in someone else’s shoes too. Plus I love playing in the rain and mud – so this seemed to fit well.

July 15th Prompt – Temper

Not much to add to this one – I did love that I got to use the word 2x for this prompt.


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