6 Word Prompt – July 17th

Jo from A Creative PTSD Gal has created a 6 word story prompt for July which I am participating in. To see her original post with the full list for July – click HERE.

July 17th Word – Hands

My hubby has always joked that I have old woman hands – even when we were 17! Not the thing you really want to hear from your significant other – but he is kind of right. My hands have always had lines in them. But I’ve decided that is because they have always had so many stories to tell. Our hands have such amazing stories to tell – stories of compassion, creativity and sometimes even regret. What stories do your hands have to tell?


2 thoughts on “6 Word Prompt – July 17th

  1. Nicely done, my hands were once remarked upon by a Fakir who said that l had the hands of a dead man, because of the fact they are very lined, there is a long story attached to it that l will tell soon enough in the series Ghostly Tales. By the way, l know you are busy, but l have tagged you in today’s 321 with something you are bound to have a few words to hoot about – wise old sayings’



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