Today is the Day

I’m tired of being afraid, of doubting myself, of living adventures only through books because I hide my fear behind being “safe” and “reasonable”.

I’m tired of only seeing my dreams as someday and never actually doing anything to pursue them. Never taking a risk. Convincing myself if they are meant to be they will somehow just fall into my lap. Never stepping out of my comfort zone because God forbid – I might fail!

And I’m tired of just giving all this “getting over my fears and self doubt” stuff lip service. Yet the only thing I do about it is write about it.

It is time to do more than just write about it (ironic that I’m writing about it here to say this!). It is time to do something concrete and scary in real life to pursue my dreams. Time to make a plan and push forward, to sacrifice and continue to get up and push forward even if I fall flat on my face over and over. It is time to believe in myself regardless of what the world says (or worse – what the voice in my head says!)

So this is my accountability post. This is the beginning of the first day of me pushing past my fears and seeing around the obstacles in my path. Seeing the way to the other side and then pushing forth no matter what.

I have two major things in mind that I am going to pursue wholeheartedly from today forward. I won’t share the details here right now but I will share with a couple close individuals who I know will cheer me on and support me – and hold me accountable. And eventually I will share the details of my journey with all of you here too.

Today I start to truly live my life and begin the journey to my dreams. As an example to my children but most of all for ME!

5 thoughts on “Today is the Day

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Congrats! Whatever the leap, it’s worth it! Well, unless it’s a leap into the Grand canyon without a parachute or a leap into the notorious hall of fame. You’ll reach what ever you aim for.

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