Why I Write

I was recently asked why I want to write. I thought long and hard about this question and my answer is – to FLY.

I want to write so I can soar over this world, this life that in so many ways has become mundane and stagnant. As a child I dreamed of being an adult one day and how amazing, beautiful and magical it would be. Now I’m living in the reality of adulthood and frankly, it Sucks. I want the dream back.

Not the material dream of making a career out of my writing and being financially secure – although that would be awesome. As a child dreaming of adulthood – I was not focused on practicalities such as this. My dream was of living a magical life doing what I loved. Following my passion. For me pursuing a career in Finance and Accounting or even Business, was NOT the dream, NOT my passion and definitely NOT magical.

As a child I would get lost in the worlds of the books I read and I wanted to do what those authors did. To create worlds and characters that would magically transport the reader to a new place. A place where anything could happen. I still want to do that.

Some may say I must face reality and my childhood dreams are not reality. That we all grow up to realize the world is not full of the magic we imagined as a child. Well, I call Bullshit! I want to create magic of my own that will transport people, make them smile, make them laugh, make them cry. I still believe in magic and I believe in creating it myself. I want to FLY and bring along others for the ride!