Brain Types – Do we change?

I love taking personality tests.  I don’t know why – something inside of me is just wired to find these things absolutely fascinating.  Maybe that means I like to put people in a box – but in reality I think it is more my desire to understand others, try to see things from their perspective and understand why people (including myself) are the way they are.

So recently I stumbled across something called Project Evo – it is basically a couple of guys who have come up with this thing called Brain Type Theory and have designed a planner around your “type”.  (I’m WAY simplifying this so check it out yourself if this interests you – click HERE)  Your brain type is tied to how you organize information in your brain.  The goal is to identify how your brain works so you can better find success and happiness in your life.

So as I love this type of thing – I took their test to check it out.  There are four Brain Types:

  • Explorers
  • Architects
  • Alchemists
  • Oracles

I’m not writing this post today to walk you through these different types – if you are interested you can visit their website and look at the section Brain Type Theory.  You can even take the test yourself via a link at the bottom of the page.  Once you take it you get a link to a pdf that has more information regarding your Brain Type.

The reason I am writing today is because when I took the test and started looking closer at the different Brain Types I realized something.  I think my Brain Type may have changed over the years as I’ve gotten older.  So it got me to questioning why and what would cause that to happen to someone.  I’ve come up with three theories.

1 – Over time as we get older our personalities and/or brain types can change.  I know many of my beliefs and opinions have changed over the years as I get older and gain more life experiences.  So maybe, just maybe our personalities, what makes us successful and happy can change too?  I know we can change as a person but I’ve always believed the core of who we are is set in stone.  We can make adjustments but way deep down we don’t change.  Maybe I’ve been wrong.

2 – Someone can change their personality or brain type if they decide they don’t like where they fall.  Is that possible?  If for some reason I was to look at my personality profile or brain type profile and say, “Yep, that is me!  But I don’t like that”, could I purposely and consciously change?  As we get older and see things in ourselves we don’t like, we do often make changes.  Hopefully to be better people.  So can we change who we are fundamentally including our personalities and how our brain functions and organizes information?  This is actually similar to theory #1 – the main difference is above I see it as a natural progression that happens as we get older and have more life experience.  Whereas in this theory I see it more as a conscious decision to change ourselves.

3 – Can a person’s core personality or brain type be repressed when they are younger due to circumstances / environment?  Could they grow up in an environment where in order to “survive” (physically or emotionally) or for some other reason, they mimic a certain personality or brain type which may not really reflect their true core being? However later as they get older and start to work through some of those issues from their childhood, they start to uncover the REAL person they are – their real personality and brain type?

Or is there another reason?  These are what I’ve been able to come up with but if someone else has a theory – I’d love to hear it.

For me what prompted this whole line of thought was that I came up as an Oracle.  My core needs include:

  • the ability and freedom to express myself
  • finding meaning in the world and in what I do
  • knowing my practical needs will be covered
  • being able to master my craft
  • a connection to something bigger than myself

I’m able to fill many different roles, see what is not being said, see all the ways a situation could play out, and solve unusual and novel problems.  Some of my weaknesses are getting overwhelmed when starting something new, struggling to start when an outcome is uncertain, and being overloaded with large amounts of information.

I read this and thought – YEP! That is me!

BUT – then I took a look at the Architect.  And I realized the core needs, strengths and potential weaknesses for this brain type are things that I would have used to describe myself in the past.  In fact, just a few years ago I probably would have just read the four types and 100% believed I was an Architect – no doubt in my mind.  Not that the Oracle things did not apply, but they were not how I predominately saw myself.

However, I’ve been working on making changes in my life over the last few years and now while some of the Architect still describes me – many of those areas I noted kind of overlap the two brain types (perfectionist tendencies, for example) – the brain types just handle them a bit differently.

I know this is not an exact science and you can’t put people in nice pretty boxes like this – so you WILL get overlap.  However, just considering that I would have classified myself totally different just 5 years ago was intriguing to me.  It got me to wondering if just a few years ago was I really mostly an Architect and based on what I’ve been doing the past couple years I have changed and become mostly an Oracle?  OR was I never really an Architect?  Did things in my life in my younger years just make me think that is where I was and now the real ME is coming out to play?

And with that – you’ve just taken a little peek into my mostly Oracle brain with a tad bit of Architect.

P.S.  I did a bit more reading and found out that the brain types correspond with two things.

First – how you process information.  Internally (thinking about the information) or Externally (interacting with the information, gathering)

Second – the kind of information you interact with.  Abstract information (ideas/concepts/theories) or concrete information (facts/things we see/physical surroundings).

This helps clear things up a bit for me.  I’m DEFINITELY an internal processor – so that is why both the Oracle and Architect sound like me.  They are both internal processors.

For various reasons when I went to college I ended up going for Business Admin with a concentration in Accounting – definitely concrete information.  So my career has always revolved around that – hence the Architect.  However, I’ve always had a creative side and while I am good at organizing things and am definitely a perfectionist – my mind does not operate in a concrete way.  On the outside I was always appearing as this concrete facts based person, but really on the inside I’m an abstract person.  My brain does not process things in a concrete manner – it is most definitely abstract.  And that is why my Brain Type is the Oracle – Internal/Abstract.  I can operate a bit like an Architect and have done so for years, but my natural tendency and where I thrive and am the happiest is as an Oracle.

For example, a lot of detail oriented jobs necessitate that someone operate as an Architect. But if that’s not someone’s overall, natural preference in life, that doesn’t mean they are an Architect.

-Project Evo blog posting – What if I relate to more than one brain type?




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