Untitled Story – Prologue

She heard the key in the front door and realized she had lost track of time again. How long had she been sitting there in the dark? Minutes, hours? She had no idea. It had been long enough for her legs to start to fall asleep though.

As she listened to him move around downstairs she slowly started to uncurl her legs. She had gotten really good at sitting cross legged and completely still in the last few months. She had learned how to go deep inside herself and shut out the rest of the world. It was a matter of survival. It was the one place nobody could get to her and hurt her.

She stretched out her legs, relishing the painful tingle of the blood rushing back down to her feet. It gave her a rush of excitement. She would have to give herself time for her legs and feet to recover before she stood up, but that would be fine. She had plenty of time. She had time to freshen up even, maybe a fresh coat of gloss on her lips and a spritz of her favorite scent. She knew he would like that. He had always loved how she smelled, she thought to herself as a smile spread across her lips.

This reunion was going to be the best thing to happen to them yet. Others had tried to keep them apart, but their connection was too powerful. She had watched this moment unfold thousands of times already. Each time she had to dig deep into herself to avoid those People, she had lived this moment. Each time they tried to take away a part of her she had wrapped herself in this moment, knowing that as long as she had this, she could survive anything. She had been right. She had survived and now the moment was finally here.

She rotated her ankles loosening up the joints before tentatively putting weight on her legs. The tingling sensation had disappeared. She reached for her purse sitting on the dresser and pulled out her lip gloss and a small vial of perfume. She hummed quietly to herself as she looked in the mirror, reapplying her gloss. The time had finally come. Everything would be perfect now.

Next Installment – Part 1 (Lucy)


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