Untitled Story – Part 1 (Lucy)

I’ve still not come up with a name for this story – I will try to get one figured out soon.  I have a basic outline of where this is going but it could change along the way.  Stories tend to have a mind of their own at times and I think this one is definitely going to be like that.  If you missed it, I recommend going back and reading the Prologue HERE.

“How’s my angel?”

Lucy rolls her eyes as she swings her bag over her shoulder. She is almost six now and too big to be Daddy’s angel anymore.  Or at least that is what she claims.  Secretly she loves that her dad gives her so much attention. The other girls in her class rarely have their dads pick them up.  Lucy’s dad always picks her up from school and always greets her with names like angel or princess or even silly things like, “How’s my pony wony doing today?”

Lucy’s friends always giggle and smile at her when they hear it.  They all think her dad is like a prince in a fairy tale. And they’re right.  He is a prince, a knight in shining armor come to rescue her everyday.

The other girls are picked up by their moms each day or in a couple cases their nanny.  Lucy can not imagine having a nanny.  They are all nice enough, but she did not like the idea of someone other than family taking her home each day.

The other girls are all jealous that Lucy gets picked up by her dad.  And Lucy loves it, but she does wish sometimes Momma could pick her up.  Just once.

Lucy has never met her mom.  She went away to a far off land when Lucy was just a baby.  Lucy sometimes overhears Daddy talking to Uncle Rob in whispers when they think she is not listening or is asleep.  Uncle Rob is not really Lucy’s uncle, but she has always called him that.  He is Daddy’s best friend and has always been part of Lucy’s life.

Daddy and Uncle Rob whisper about how her mom is far away and will never be able to find them.  Her name is Miranda and she has blond curls and green eyes just like Lucy.  That is all Daddy will ever tell Lucy about her though.  Lucy stopped asking because every time she did Daddy would get a sad look in his eyes.  He would reach out and touch Lucy’s golden curls, take a deep breath and tell Lucy she looks just like her momma.  Lucy knows Daddy must love Momma a whole lot and misses her even more than Lucy does.

Though she’s never seen a picture of her, Lucy knows Momma is beautiful.  She sees her in her dreams sometimes. She is a beautiful warrior princess like in the movies, only better!  She had to leave so she could fight ogres and evil wizards to keep them out of this land.  She keeps Lucy and Daddy safe.

For her birthday last year, Daddy gave Lucy a beautiful necklace that she wears every day.  It is silver and has a blue stone that Daddy said is called a Safe Fire.  Or something like that.  Lucy can never quite get the name right, so Safe Fire is what she has decided to call it.  Daddy told her it was Momma’s necklace and she had been wearing it the day they met.  Lucy has asked for the story about how they met, but Daddy just smiles and pats her on the head and changes the subject.  He seems to think that Lucy does not notice. But Lucy is smarter than Daddy realizes.

The Safe Fire necklace is Lucy’s most special item in the whole wide world.  She usually keeps it tucked under her shirt, but she never takes it off. She knows Momma wants her to wear it and that it somehow keeps her safe.

Lucy hasn’t told her daddy yet, but she wants to grow up to be just like her mom.  A warrior princess who protects everyone.  And she will do an even better job.  Maybe she will even be able to stay with her family because she is so good at it.  She won’t have to leave like Momma did.

Lucy knows she will be better because she has a bodyguard to help her fight evil.  He’s been around for as long a Lucy can remember and always watches over her.  He makes Daddy and Uncle Rob look like little boys because he is so big and powerful.  His name is Liam and he always smiles at Lucy and winks when she makes eye contact. She can see him right now as she runs up to the car.  He has been with her all day but somehow he is always faster than her and he is already next to Daddy.  She never even saw him pass her!  He’s leaning up against the car with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.  He winks at her with eyes as blue as the Safe Fire as she throws herself into Daddy’s arms.  For just a few moments, thoughts of Momma leave Lucy’s mind as she wraps her arms around Daddy.

Next Installment – Untitled Story – Part 2 (Rich & Lucy)


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