Story Idea One

Something happened recently – not to me personally, but it was something in the news that was very distantly connected to me.  From that I wrote the beginning of a story idea with one change – I changed the main character from a man to a woman.  Now to decide what happens next.  Do I follow along closely with the “real” story or take it down a new path all it’s own?

She thought she had gotten away with it.  Was so convinced that she had put it all behind her.  So far behind that it was all a hazy memory, more like the remnants of a dream that linger after you’ve been awake for awhile and cleared the sleep from your eyes.

At least that was until the day they showed up at her office and she felt the cold hard steel of shackles at her wrists.  At that moment the memories became the cold hard reality.  At that moment her life changed dramatically, just like it had that cold October day fifteen years before. . .

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