BB Senior Night 2019

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Photo Credit – Courtney Handl

Friday was the Girl’s last home basketball game of her high school career and Senior Night. We had 6 girls on the team who are graduating this year!

Before we even got to the staging area where we waited for the JV game to finish my daughter was already crying. As part of the senior night my husband and I were supposed to say something. He of course was going to be no help and I knew it so I wrote out what I wanted to say in advance.

The girl had written up something regarding her favorite memories and thanks she wanted to give to people which was read by the athletic director. Then one of her teammates had some really sweet things to say about her. Then it was my turn.

Our athletic director was very sweet and had told me in advance that if I got too choked up I could hand her my paper and she would finish it for me. I actually am proud to say I got through the whole thing and I think I did pretty good. It was a speech that was written to address my daughter so at one point I thought I should look at her while I was reading it. But when I looked up I saw she was sobbing and my husband with his arm around her was fighting tears himself. I immediately looked back down at the paper and knew that was going to be the only way I would get through this. By the end my hand was shaking so badly I’m not sure how I read the last words on the page.

So here is the speech that I read to honor my daughter. I’ve changed a couple names just because that’s what I do on this blog. But you can get the gist of it. I’m super proud of this girl and who she is becoming. And I have other big news that I will announce in a future post. But for now I want to honor her and her six years on the basketball court.

(As a reminder and to put some of this into perspective – the Girl is only 4’11” and plays what are usually considered tall girl sports, including Basketball and in Track & Field she competes in High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump.)

Five years ago, you told your father and me that you were going to try out with your friends for the school basketball team. We honestly expected we would be consoling you at the end of that week. We did something that day that we’ve never done since, something that many other people do every time you step on a court or a field. We underestimated you.

Obviously you made the team and that year you earned the nickname that you’ve lived up to ever since – Bulldog. You have more determination and heart than anyone I’ve met.

Every time you get on the basketball court, a track or a field you give everything you have to give. You never hold back, you never give up and you fear nothing. Our wish for you is to live your life the way you play basketball. Live life with your whole heart, never holding anything back, fearing nothing!

There is a Shakespeare quote that has become popular recently which always makes me think of you: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” Don’t ever lose that!

I also want to thank The Girl’s friends who have supported and encouraged her over the past 5 years. Girl, your determination and heart will take you far in this world, but without the support of good friends it means nothing. I’ve seen you develop some amazing friendships throughout your basketball years. I still remember M. E. and M.K. yelling at you in 7th grade when you made mistakes, yet they were always the first to encourage you and support you too. And then there is K, who you did not want to even like in the beginning but is now one of your closest friends. And EB, who you immediately bonded with over some really bad puns. You only played together for one year and although she no longer plays basketball, she is here supporting you today. It has warmed my heart to see the loyalty and support between you and your friends. Never EVER underestimate the power of friendship. 

Girl, your father and I are beyond proud of who you have become and we are excited to see where your next adventure leads.  We are honored to call you our daughter – Always know that you are very much loved and we will always ALWAYS be your biggest fans.




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