Someone recently was talking with me about how their memories were more like snapshots in an album than an old movie. Rather than being a continuous flow of events, they were more like single moments captured within a hazy fog of her life. Looking back was surreal and they almost felt disconnected from those memories. Like they were not really in them, but were on the outside looking in. The below was something I wrote up based on that discussion and some other discussions with other friends. This is a descriptive work of fiction, based in reality.

(Note: I like to write random little things like this – so hopefully you enjoy them too. These are kind of like little snapshots of my brain)

It was not the first snapshot in the album of her childhood – in fact it was not even really from her childhood. She was forty five at the time. But in many ways she was still a child. It was as if she was never able to fully emotionally evolve like most children so there was a part of her still stuck in adolescence. A part of her who never truly rebelled or tested her boundaries. A part of her who never became independent from her mother and the judgments and emotional entanglements that came with that relationship.

So here she was at forty five, the year she thought was going to be amazing! She had finally decided to stop worrying about getting older and instead start looking forward to her future with excitement and anticipation. And in some ways it was great, at least in the long term. Just not in the ways she had imagined. But then, that is life – it happens to us as we make other plans.

At forty five she was finally emerging from her emotional coma which she had been stuck in for so many years. One that she had never really even realized she was in. She was finally opening her eyes and beginning to see the real world come into focus. She was starting to see the emotional chains that had been stunting her for so long.

And all it took was the decline and death of her father.

The Glass Ball (Writing Prompt)

This short story was inspired by The Haunted Wordsmith’s daily prompt.  I’ve chosen to use all the prompts for this story – the picture and the words:  Cloud, Fluff and Whipped Cream.  Enjoy!


Monica thanked the waitress as she set the cup of steaming coffee topped with whipped cream on the table in front of her.  This was Monica’s favorite place to come, a little coffee shop tucked away within an old brick building, across from the town’s park.  She made a point to spend a few hours each week meandering through the park and always ended up coming in to enjoy their delicious brew on the patio before heading home and back to reality.  It was her time to recharge and regroup.

Today’s plans had not originally included a visit, however her fiance, Scott, had called to cancel their lunch plans.  Some last minute changes to a project he was working on with the mayor necessitated a working lunch for him today.  So Monica decided to take advantage of some unexpected free time. Continue reading “The Glass Ball (Writing Prompt)”

The Late Night Hours

She sat cross legged on her bed, listening to the sound of the train running through the middle of the sleepy little town. She did not fully register the sound of the train whistle. She heard it so often that over the last 18 years it had become background noise. A sound you were so used to, you only noticed it when someone new to town pointed it out. Or maybe you would notice its absence if it was ever missing. It had been the sound of frogs when she was little and growing up. Now it was the train. And this train never missed. Every night at 11pm she heard it without really hearing it.

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Brain Types – Do we change?

I love taking personality tests.  I don’t know why – something inside of me is just wired to find these things absolutely fascinating.  Maybe that means I like to put people in a box – but in reality I think it is more my desire to understand others, try to see things from their perspective and understand why people (including myself) are the way they are.

So recently I stumbled across something called Project Evo – it is basically a couple of guys who have come up with this thing called Brain Type Theory and have designed a planner around your “type”.  (I’m WAY simplifying this so check it out yourself if this interests you – click HERE)  Your brain type is tied to how you organize information in your brain.  The goal is to identify how your brain works so you can better find success and happiness in your life. Continue reading “Brain Types – Do we change?”


Patience is not one of my virtues.  Not that I really think I have a list of virtues, but if I did patience would not even make the cut.

I believe in prayer.  I think it is good for us and God answers prayers.  Especially if we are trying to better ourselves.  However, I’ve always been afraid to pray for patience.  Even though I’ve had MANY situations where it was warranted.  I hesitate though because I’ve come to realize God tends to give me things via life experiences.  He is not a fairy godmother who waves a wand and bestows upon me a calm and beatific inner core of patience.

Nope!  He is like a parent who helps you learn something through practice.  By going through an experience that requires you to put that virtue to practice and lean on Him to get through it. Continue reading “Patience”

The Itch

She wasn’t sure exactly what the cause was. All she knew was that it was driving her crazy. This itchy skin for which she could find no relief. Was it her laundry detergent? The changing seasons? Maybe she was dehydrated? Or maybe she was just getting old and this was one more thing she was going to have to accept and deal with. She really did not want to go down that road of thought.

So instead she scratched until her skin was raw and burning. She slathered on the best organic lotions and serums she could find and afford. She guzzled water by the gallon, or at least that is what it seemed like to her and to her poor overworked bladder.

Yet nothing brought relief. She could still feel the skin drying out and what felt like thousands . . . no, millions of tiny bug feet marching across her skin causing her fingers to find their way back to her leg, her sides, her arms.

“Maybe…” she thought as she scratched, feeling the burn of her skin which also felt strangely good and satisfying, “maybe I’m becoming a zombie!”

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6 Word Prompt – July 19th

Jo from A Creative PTSD Gal has created a 6 word story prompt for July which I am participating in. To see her original post with the full list for July – click HERE.

July 19th Prompt – Soar

This is timely given what I wrote yesterday. It is time for me to break chains and really start soaring into pursuit of my dreams. Funny how when we try to break those chains the world tries to throw more over us. But I’ll leave that for another story/post.