Friday Funday Challenge – Game on – You Name It!

I’ve done this challenge once, but it has come back around to me again and most of the questions have changed since the first go round.  Just like Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) intended.  Plus apparently Stubby (the Stubborn Australian) is a bit worried about me because I’ve been “too quiet” lately.  I would hate for him to worry too much.  So here we go for another round!! Continue reading “Friday Funday Challenge – Game on – You Name It!”

Funday Challenge – Game On – You Name It!

A Guy Called Bloke is at it again – and this time he nominated me directly – Whoohoo!!  His post is called Friday Funday – but because I know this won’t get posted by me until at least Saturday I’m dropping the Friday.  (And as you can see it took me all weekend and pretty much all of Monday to get this pulled together!).  Plus, he is across the pond (I think) and even if I post it Friday night, it is Saturday to him!  So I’m being considerate by not confusing others – or myself for that matter.

This challenge is 20 Questions with a Musical Chairs twist in which the chairs are the questions – kind of!  It has a touch of the telephone game to it too in my mind because as it moves from blogger to blogger the list of questions will totally change. Continue reading “Funday Challenge – Game On – You Name It!”

20 Questions (aka Friday Funday. . . on a Tuesday)

A Guy Called Bloke started this and nominated Kristian who in turn nominated me for this fun post.  I’m still a little lagging in my posts, so you get this Friday Funday Challenge on Tuesday! Better late than never!

So – here’s the rules – because there are ALWAYS rules.

  1. Thank the Nominator
  2. Answer 20 questions
  3. Nominate two bloggers of your choice and notify them
  4. Delete two of the questions in the list between 1 – 19 and insert two of your own.

Thank you Kristian!  I do love these kinds of posts!  And I still need to get caught up on all your stories – especially that Fantasy one that is now 11 parts!!

WARNING:  This is long, so make sure you grab a coffee or tea (spiked if you prefer).  I tend to ramble on my questions!  Continue reading “20 Questions (aka Friday Funday. . . on a Tuesday)”