The Glass Ball (Writing Prompt)

This short story was inspired by The Haunted Wordsmith’s daily prompt.  I’ve chosen to use all the prompts for this story – the picture and the words:  Cloud, Fluff and Whipped Cream.  Enjoy!


Monica thanked the waitress as she set the cup of steaming coffee topped with whipped cream on the table in front of her.  This was Monica’s favorite place to come, a little coffee shop tucked away within an old brick building, across from the town’s park.  She made a point to spend a few hours each week meandering through the park and always ended up coming in to enjoy their delicious brew on the patio before heading home and back to reality.  It was her time to recharge and regroup.

Today’s plans had not originally included a visit, however her fiance, Scott, had called to cancel their lunch plans.  Some last minute changes to a project he was working on with the mayor necessitated a working lunch for him today.  So Monica decided to take advantage of some unexpected free time. Continue reading “The Glass Ball (Writing Prompt)”

Road Trip Day 6 & 7: The Journey Back Home

As of today I’m back in my “real” life – no longer in vacation mode. However, I still have some to write about this wonderful week I just spent with The Girl. The last two days of our trip consisted of our drive back home. This was an adventure in and of itself. (WARNING:  Lots of links in this post!)

First stop on our journey home was in Portland. Thank goodness for GPS and Google Maps. We were not very far off our main path for this first step but without my trusty Google Maps we would have been in a lot of trouble. And Portland has a lot of those pesky one way streets just like Eugene!

The Girl is a HUGE fan of cookie dough. If you want in good with her, just buy her anything cookie dough flavored and you’ll have a friend for life. Awhile back she found at Walmart some cookie dough in a tub that was specifically made for eating raw. The dough has no raw eggs in it so it is “safe” (I should be dead so many times by now!). And it tastes good too. Then she found out this product is actually sold in their own cafe – the Cookie Dough Cafe. Think Baskin Robbins but with cookie dough rather than ice cream. So she just HAD to go visit it. Continue reading “Road Trip Day 6 & 7: The Journey Back Home”

Why I Procrastinate

Just recently I came to grasp that yet another one of my “truths” that I’ve lived by is in reality not true at all.  This particular false truth is related to why I procrastinate.

I was raised by two parents who have a very strong work ethic and this was passed down to my brother and me.  In my mind, procrastinating has always been associated with laziness.  So when I find myself in the throes of it, focusing on minor or meaningless tasks to avoid the thing I should really be doing, I chalk it up to me being lazy.

When this comes about regarding my career, I really start to get mad and beat myself up.   Which in turn gets the anxiety cycle going like an out of control merry-go-round.  (I’m the crazy lady holding onto the unicorn for dear life hoping I don’t somehow end up impaling myself!) Continue reading “Why I Procrastinate”

Premonitions of a Perfectionist

Premonitions of a Perfectionist

I am a planner and a worrier. I am a perfectionist and a control freak. Part of this may be my natural born tendencies. Part of it is definitely because I was raised by a perfectionistic planner / worrier. (Spell check does not like perfectionistic – but for once I’m going to “chill” and let that go – I’ve made up a new word, I guess. See, I am already taking to heart my post from yesterday and being more imaginative!). I tease my mother at times and tell her she is OCD about being OCD. I say it as a joke, but there is some truth in it. And I did not fall very far from that tree myself. (Okay, okay – I’m like right at the base of that tree’s trunk!)

Continue reading “Premonitions of a Perfectionist”