Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs

This post is a LONG time in coming.   So first things first – thank you to James at BlottedInc for the nomination.  I bet you had given up on me!

I did a little bit of digging (but not quite enough for me to tell you to take my word for it) and found that this award is a way for bloggers to recognize other blogs they enjoy and share them with others – hence the “Discover New Blogs” caption.  Supposedly it is derived from the German word that means “beloved or dear” in English.  If you know German and want to confirm that for me – that would be awesome!  The important thing is that someone thought I was important enough to get this award and I’ve put a few weeks of thought into how to answer back!  I found a BUNCH of graphics for this and of course they all say they are the official one.  The one on BlottedInc’s post references a Global Aussie but my internet does not like the link so I’m going with one that I found that I think is pretty and is pink! Continue reading “Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs”

Contest Submission: Tales of a Not So Super Mommy

Awhile back I mentioned on here that one of the things I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and finally doing is to submit something I’ve written to a contest. The early bird deadline for the contest I have chosen is coming up in less than a month, although I won’t hear any final decisions until after the Summer. I’ve written one item to go into the Personal Essay/Memoirs section and have an idea for a second (based on a blog post I’ve done recently). The work has to be original and unpublished, however the rules state that having been shared on your personal blog is not considered to be published.

SO…….I’ve decided to give ya’ll an advance reading of what may someday be the piece that kicked off my writing career! Or the first of my rejection letters – although actually they said they have too many entries so they don’t actually send out rejection letters. Basically when my next birthday rolls around if I have not heard anything, I will know it flopped.

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Road Trip Day 5 & 6: Hair, Killer Hikes and more Family

Thursday and Friday were our last days in WA State before getting on the road to head back home.

We started our day Thursday still with my grandmother. She is a true southern lady which means we had a delicious breakfast to send us off. My cousin from Australia had just visited her a couple weeks ago and showed her how to make healthy pancakes. He has recently lost a lot of weight by changing his eating habits and doing DDPY. If you have not tried DDP Yoga before, I recommend you check it out. I love it. It is low impact and something I can do at home at lunchtime which is great.

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Road Trip Day 3 & 4: Big Dogs, Family Time and Old Home Movies

Lack of Wi-Fi and lots of family time has led me to a combined post for a couple days of our trip (and I’m technically still a day behind!)

Day 3 we left the country farm living home of my Uncle V to visit my Aunt N. We left behind the chickens and cows for big dogs. My aunt and uncle who we visited and stayed with on Day 3 of our trip, rescue Great Danes. The Girl absolutely loves animals and will some day I’m sure own a huge farm with every type of animal you can think of (seriously we were watching a show the other day and she told me that porcupines are cute and she wants one!) So between the sweet cat who will reach out and gently paw you if you stop petting her to the giant dogs who slobber on you and love to be pet, the Girl was in heaven. The picture below was taken with 2 of the 3 rescue dogs who currently call my Aunt N’s place home.

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