Today’s Battle with Anxiety

Why is it such small things create such great anxiety within me?

It is Sunday and here I sit just before heading out for what should be a fun evening with my daughter to watch Roller Derby, yet I’m filled with anxiety.  I keep thinking, today I should have done something more productive.  Maybe trying to get ahead of things for work or done some painting on the bathroom project I’ve not touched in the last few weeks due to the craziness of work and the kid’s sports activities.  But after a long quarter end at work including working last weekend, I really wanted to just chill a bit today.  Spend some time with my daughter watching our newest obsession –  the show Fixer Upper (Chip & Joanna Gaines are adorable!) and reading a couple new books I’ve picked up.

But instead of relaxing and enjoying my chill-time I find myself starting to get a bit anxious thinking about the upcoming work week and all I need to get accomplished.  I then make the mistake of checking my email/calendar to confirm my meetings for tomorrow (first one is at 7am – ugh!) Continue reading “Today’s Battle with Anxiety”

Who Are Your Travel Partners?

As I continue down this road of true self improvement I’m realizing a few things. The first is that:

True Self Improvement = actual steps outside my comfort zone and rewiring of my brain and thought patterns.

I can’t just think about making changes, I have to take ACTION. And part of that action is to change the way I react to things – not just my actions and words, but my thoughts as well. I have to shut down the bully in my head that keeps trying to beat me down and only sees the negative in me.

Another thing I am realizing is that sometimes those who you would expect the most support from as you journey down this new road to self-improvement, are the ones that will blindside you and try to drag you back down into your old habits. I don’t know that they necessarily do this intentionally. But the end result for you, if you are not careful, is the same. Therefore, anyone making this journey needs to be watchful.

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Learning to get over myself.

I’ve decided to submit something to a writing contest. It is not much – 2,000 words or less. I’ve always wondered how my writing might hold up against others and I’ve always had a dream of my writing supporting myself and my family. However, as usual in my life I’ve played it safe and just dreamed of these things from a distance. Never taking any steps to actually get myself any closer to that dream.

I am now deciding to finally start stepping out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to be on my deathbed one day wondering whether or not I could have done something more with my love of writing.

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Imagination: My Forgotten Power

Imagination:  the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.  (Merriam-Webster)

I’m trying something new today.  I’m participating in a writing prompt and today’s prompt is Imagination.  So the analytical side of me (in my mind that is the opposite of imagination) immediately googles the word to see what comes up.  Above is the first definition from Merriam-Webster.  And the first thing that catches my eye is the word “power”.

While I’ve made my mark in the professional world because of my analytical mind, I’ve always had a pretty vivid imagination.  I think that is why I love to read – words paint amazing pictures in my mind.  While I am a decent artist at times, I wish I had the talent to put on canvas what I sometimes see in my head.  I’ve never thought of my imagination as being a power though, or a way to wield power.  Maybe that is because I tend to not think of myself as being powerful. Continue reading “Imagination: My Forgotten Power”