Miscarriages, Rainbow Babies & Hope

A good friend of mine just went through a miscarriage last week.  My heart broke for her, not only because she is a good friend who I hate to see going through this, but because I personally knew and understood what she was dealing with.

A lot of people don’t know that about 15 years ago, between the birth of The Girl and the Drama Queen, I was pregnant and subsequently miscarried a child.  I’ve since come to realize that this actually happens quite often.  However at the time I went through it, I did not know this because it is not something we women tend to share or talk about.  It is too painful and too personal.  And when we do mention it, it is many times brushed off as being nothing, especially those of us who miscarried earlier on in our pregnancies before it was widely known that we were pregnant. Continue reading “Miscarriages, Rainbow Babies & Hope”

Road Trip Day 5 & 6: Hair, Killer Hikes and more Family

Thursday and Friday were our last days in WA State before getting on the road to head back home.

We started our day Thursday still with my grandmother. She is a true southern lady which means we had a delicious breakfast to send us off. My cousin from Australia had just visited her a couple weeks ago and showed her how to make healthy pancakes. He has recently lost a lot of weight by changing his eating habits and doing DDPY. If you have not tried DDP Yoga before, I recommend you check it out. I love it. It is low impact and something I can do at home at lunchtime which is great.

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Road Trip Day 2: Voodoo Doughnuts, Ducks and One Way Adventures

This post was almost named “One Way Shit is Stupid”. But I realized that is a bit judgmental and the Girl and I are on an adventure, so this is a good time for me to practice changing my perspective on things.

We are on day 2 of our road trip. We left grandpa’s early, tackling icy roads and mountain passes requiring us to carry chains. I thought I might be able to add to our adventures a picture of us putting chains on the car. The road was not great and we had to be cautious through the pass, but in the end we did not have to bother with the chains. We shall see if we are as lucky on the way back.  You may still get to see a picture of that “adventure” soon. Continue reading “Road Trip Day 2: Voodoo Doughnuts, Ducks and One Way Adventures”

Rest Areas & Fruit Loops

(A My Life Stories Installment – featuring the Drama Queen)

The Girl and I are planning a trip at the end of this month during her Spring Break.  We will be taking a road trip from Northern California up to Washington State.  The purpose is to visit family and to visit some college campuses along the way.

As we look forward to this trip I can’t help but think back on the many times I’ve made this road trip in the past.  Both my husband and I grew up in Washington and have a lot of family still there who we would try to visit every summer when the kids were younger.  Most times it was only me and the three children making the trip.  My husband usually had projects around the house which he would focus on while I was gone.  That was always a bonus for me as I got to come home to something new in my house after each trip. Continue reading “Rest Areas & Fruit Loops”