Life Lessons Learned from my Children: It’s all about Perspective

My daughter, The Girl is a 3 sport athlete for the local high school. Spring brings about the sport she is most passionate about – Track & Field. Now to paint you a picture if you don’t already know her – she is a very fierce 4’11”. She is almost 17 and has not grown in the last 4 years, so most likely she is never going to pass up her ole mom at just shy of 5’2″.

However, the Girl specializes in “tall” girl sports. She’s played basketball since 7th grade and this year on the varsity team played point guard and had one of the highest rebound averages on the team. For Track & Field her main and favorite events include the 4×100, High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump. You know, the sports that the tall kids usually excel at!

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Refuse to Live the Lie

I was raised in a generation that told girls we could grow up to be anything we wanted to be.  Not only that, we could have it ALL!  We could be Super Woman – the perfect mom, with the perfect life and the perfect career.  We had the abilities (and the time and energy) to find a great guy, have a dream wedding and marriage and be a perfect wife.  Have children who excelled in all they did because we supported them as the perfect mom who volunteered in all their activities, was an active part of the PTO and threw them amazing themed birthday parties while always cooking homemade healthy meals.  We could do all this while also being a successful career woman, climbing the corporate ladder and busting out all those glass ceilings.

These are great positive things to share with a young girl who is heading out into the world.  I was told I could have it all and I bought into it 100%.  And I burned myself out because the reality is they lied to me.  The lied to all of us!  And now we are all paying the price for believing this lie.  Suffering in silence we kill ourselves trying to have it all and faking our perfect lives.  We are afraid to speak out because everyone else seems to have it all together and we are the only one failing.  There must be something wrong with us and if we just push a bit harder we can do it too.  So the cycle begins.  Continue reading “Refuse to Live the Lie”

Mid Life Crisis, Freak Outs & Perspective

One of the things I’m working on is being my authentic self.  Part of being authentic means being vulnerable. This is very difficult for a perfectionist who wants everyone to see them at only their very best.  So once again – here I go – stepping out on a limb.  Below is an excerpt from my journal last month.  I was having a bit of a “freak out” as you will soon see.  But in the end – it was all for a good purpose.  It has led me to where I am right now.  Since this entry I have changed my perspective a bit.  Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry, a good “freak out” and a shift in perspective to totally change their life.


I just turned 43 a few weeks ago.  And I think I’m having  a bit of a mid-life crisis.  I look back over my life and realize I no longer have my whole life ahead of me – my time is becoming limited.  It is time for me to figure out what I want to do and to do it! Continue reading “Mid Life Crisis, Freak Outs & Perspective”