Thoughts on Poetry

I’ve been seeing a lot of poetry on various blogs I follow.  I used to write poetry when I was younger and I enjoyed it.  Whatever happened?  I don’t think I’ve even attempted to write poetry since I graduated from college.  This got me thinking a bit about things – things I’ve enjoyed in the past which I no longer pursue.

I’ve let myself get caught up in life and it has taken away some of my joy.  Or did I ever really have that joy at all?  I’ve had issues/struggles with being me and knowing who I really am all my life.  Is it just nostalgia that makes me believe I once possessed this joy that I seem to be lacking now?  Has the filter of time made me see the reality of my past through the proverbial rose colored glasses?  Only seeing what I want to see and discarding the insecurities and darkness that was part of my life back then as well? Continue reading “Thoughts on Poetry”

3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Round 2 – Poetry Style (Day 2 – very LATE)

I am so far behind and so totally breaking the rules (can you tell I have a fascination with rule breaking?! I’ve always been a rule-follower so this breaking the rules thing for me is like a kid with a new toy!)

I’m still fighting the tail end of a cold. I keep thinking I am over it and then I have an “episode” as I’ve started to call them where I can’t breathe and start hacking so much that I basically have coughed up all my organs I think. And before ya’ll start lecturing me – I did make myself a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow morning.

Add to that the normal craziness of my life with kids and a full time job and then one of my good friends just got married! I’m so happy for her and she looked like a Disney Princess yesterday – it was amazing and beautiful and I was all teary eyed to see her so absolutely happy and in love!

But all of this added together has resulted in me being lax in my posting. BUT I am not lax in ideas – so I have tons to catch up on. Buckle up and get ready for a ride over the next few days!

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3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Round 2 – Poetry Style (Day 1)

So I’ve been nominated for the 3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge again. I really enjoyed it the last time so I decided I’m going to play along again. Plus, I honestly am getting over a cold and my brain has kind of shut down on new ideas for posts. So this will hopefully kick start me.

Since I just finished one of these I’m going to spice this one up a bit. The Britchy One recently did this challenge with song lyrics (I think, my brain really is a bit muddled right now – just ask the people at work the other day when I got all mixed up as to where Bucharest, Prague and Romania are!) Anyway, I like that idea but I’m going to mix it up with poetry – but not just any poetry – Atticus poetry!

A friend has recently introduced me to Atticus and I’m thoroughly enjoying his stuff. Plus I started doing some hand lettering – so I’m going to mix the two together! You are all now my guinea pigs.

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