6 Word Prompts – July 12th

Jo from A Creative PTSD Gal has created a 6 word story prompt for July which I am participating in. To see her original post with the full list for July – click HERE.

Today’s Prompt is FORGIVE (July 12th)

This is another thing I am working on learning – to Forgive myself. And the crazy part is some of the stuff I’ve been holding onto is really nothing I even need to forgive myself for in the first place! Our minds can really mess with us and hold us back if we let them. This goes into the Rewire my Brain category!

Meaningful Work & Gremlins

“Yes, you do that well, but that’s not really a gift.  It’s not big enough or important enough to be a real talent.”

~ Brené Brown regarding taunts the self-doubt gremlins throw at us.  (The Gifts of Imperfection)

This taunt is something I’ve bought into over the years and it kept me from pursuing my  writing (and other things in my life as well, but I’ll focus on the writing today).  It kept me beat down and not feeling fulfilled and purposeful.  It kept me from doing something I really love to do because I felt it was not important enough, good enough or worthy. Continue reading “Meaningful Work & Gremlins”

My Journey from Anxiety to Calm


I’m finding since I started blogging my stress levels have reduced. The stresses of my job and my life don’t cause me as much anxiety. And when I do start to feel anxious I’m able to talk myself down more quickly than in the past. I’m able to find more joy and laughter in my daily life. To keep a more realistic view of my responsibilities and expectations. In a nutshell, my life is more balanced.

This has not always been the case though. So what changed, you may ask?

Let me take a step back and share an “aha” moment that came to me recently while reading some words by Brené Brown about calm and stillness. *

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Who Are Your Travel Partners?

As I continue down this road of true self improvement I’m realizing a few things. The first is that:

True Self Improvement = actual steps outside my comfort zone and rewiring of my brain and thought patterns.

I can’t just think about making changes, I have to take ACTION. And part of that action is to change the way I react to things – not just my actions and words, but my thoughts as well. I have to shut down the bully in my head that keeps trying to beat me down and only sees the negative in me.

Another thing I am realizing is that sometimes those who you would expect the most support from as you journey down this new road to self-improvement, are the ones that will blindside you and try to drag you back down into your old habits. I don’t know that they necessarily do this intentionally. But the end result for you, if you are not careful, is the same. Therefore, anyone making this journey needs to be watchful.

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