Imagination: My Forgotten Power

Imagination:  the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.  (Merriam-Webster)

I’m trying something new today.  I’m participating in a writing prompt and today’s prompt is Imagination.  So the analytical side of me (in my mind that is the opposite of imagination) immediately googles the word to see what comes up.  Above is the first definition from Merriam-Webster.  And the first thing that catches my eye is the word “power”.

While I’ve made my mark in the professional world because of my analytical mind, I’ve always had a pretty vivid imagination.  I think that is why I love to read – words paint amazing pictures in my mind.  While I am a decent artist at times, I wish I had the talent to put on canvas what I sometimes see in my head.  I’ve never thought of my imagination as being a power though, or a way to wield power.  Maybe that is because I tend to not think of myself as being powerful. Continue reading “Imagination: My Forgotten Power”

Refuse to Live the Lie

I was raised in a generation that told girls we could grow up to be anything we wanted to be.  Not only that, we could have it ALL!  We could be Super Woman – the perfect mom, with the perfect life and the perfect career.  We had the abilities (and the time and energy) to find a great guy, have a dream wedding and marriage and be a perfect wife.  Have children who excelled in all they did because we supported them as the perfect mom who volunteered in all their activities, was an active part of the PTO and threw them amazing themed birthday parties while always cooking homemade healthy meals.  We could do all this while also being a successful career woman, climbing the corporate ladder and busting out all those glass ceilings.

These are great positive things to share with a young girl who is heading out into the world.  I was told I could have it all and I bought into it 100%.  And I burned myself out because the reality is they lied to me.  The lied to all of us!  And now we are all paying the price for believing this lie.  Suffering in silence we kill ourselves trying to have it all and faking our perfect lives.  We are afraid to speak out because everyone else seems to have it all together and we are the only one failing.  There must be something wrong with us and if we just push a bit harder we can do it too.  So the cycle begins.  Continue reading “Refuse to Live the Lie”

Self Compassion v. Life Paralysis

The more I dive into this journey, the more I realize just how appropriate is the name I’ve chosen for this blog.  Everything keeps coming back to me learning how to accept and embrace my imperfection.  Learning to accept, embrace and even love my true authentic self rather than  the person I think I am supposed to be.  Who I think I have to be to be accepted and loved by others.

I’m reading two books right now which I could swear were written just for me.  The first I mentioned in my last post.  The second is “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown.  The subtitle of this book is “Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are”  (See what I mean!  I read the title and I knew I had to read this book!) Continue reading “Self Compassion v. Life Paralysis”

The Fear of Being You

What about this theory, the fear of not being enough, and the fear of being ‘too much’ are exactly the same fear.  the fear of being you.  @Nayyirah.Waheed

This came up in my Instagram feed today and really hit home with me.  “The fear of being you.”  Why do I fear being me and showing the real me to the world?

I am a performer.  Not a ‘get on a stage and put on a show’ performer.  I am a person who has lived my life with the core belief that  I have to perform or do something to be worthy of love and acceptance.  I have to perform to make myself worthy of other people’s time, attention and affection.

If you are also a performer, you know exactly how torturous this can be.  Just how much anxiety it creates in your life.  You are never sure if you’ve done enough to earn or deserve love and acceptance.  And you know that even if you have, it is temporary and you must continue to perform to keep that love and acceptance.  If you do start to feel some pride in your accomplishments you then worry about being ‘too much’.  Are you being obnoxious and arrogant?  Have you now lost the love and acceptance you’ve worked so hard to earn because you have made too big of a deal about your performance? Continue reading “The Fear of Being You”