Contest Submission: Tales of a Not So Super Mommy

Awhile back I mentioned on here that one of the things I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and finally doing is to submit something I’ve written to a contest. The early bird deadline for the contest I have chosen is coming up in less than a month, although I won’t hear any final decisions until after the Summer. I’ve written one item to go into the Personal Essay/Memoirs section and have an idea for a second (based on a blog post I’ve done recently). The work has to be original and unpublished, however the rules state that having been shared on your personal blog is not considered to be published.

SO…….I’ve decided to give ya’ll an advance reading of what may someday be the piece that kicked off my writing career! Or the first of my rejection letters – although actually they said they have too many entries so they don’t actually send out rejection letters. Basically when my next birthday rolls around if I have not heard anything, I will know it flopped.

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Conversations with the Boys

Taking a little detour today and rather than sharing about the journey I’ve been going through lately I want to share a little bit about my boys.  If you have not already read it – my Cast of Characters post will get you up to speed on the names I’ve given the boys for this blog and the reasons why. These boys make me want to bang my head against a wall and pull out the sparkles that they’ve put in my hair, however they are also a never ending stream of joy and laughter in my life.

I grew up in a family with just my little brother and me.  (A little brother who has always been bigger than me!)  When we were very young people thought we were twins and then later as we got older people would sometimes mistake him for being my boyfriend. He thought this was hilarious and would always play it up by throwing his arm around my shoulders, pulling in towards him and giving me a big ole kiss on the cheek. Continue reading “Conversations with the Boys”

My Life Stories: Cast of Characters

One thing I struggle with (and I’m sure many others do as well) is trying to be a perfect mom, or even a good one at times.  My therapist told me something awhile back that really makes perfect sense, but at the time I felt like she had slapped me in the face.  She looked at me and told me that nobody is perfect and no matter how hard I tried, my children would grow up and have complaints about how I raised them.  They very well may sit in a therapist’s office one day working through issues that were caused by things I said or did while raising them.

Wow!  Talk about a wake up call!  And she is right – it probably will happen.  And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  I will do all I can to be the best mother I can possibly be – but I am not perfect and I will mess up.  And that will result in me messing up my kids.  All I can do is pray it does not cost them too much to work through it in the end. Continue reading “My Life Stories: Cast of Characters”